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Hubby Wants To Eat Pounded Yam But You Are Tired, You Can Not Pound Yam Now

Worry No More, Because This New Evolution Machine Will Get Your Pounded Yam Ready In Seconds, NO STRESS, NO POUNDING, NO TIME WASTED!!!

In Minutes, This Machine Will Perfectly

  • Pound yam
  • Pound fufu
  • Blend beans
  • Blend plantain
  • Blend tomatoes and pepper
  • Grind Okro
  • Vegetable
  • Fruits extractor (juice)
  • Carrots, other sallad materials and so much more

You Are Finally Going To Be Able To Make Pounded Yam For Hubby Whenever He Wants Without Going Through Any Stress At All

See The Stress And Distress You Go Through To Pound Before😥😓

But See How You Will Start Pounding Hence Forth, Even Mama In The Village Should Get One😁😋

With The Push Of A Button, You Are Done With Everything. You Don't Want To Miss This Offer

Smooth nice pounded Yam in few Minutes With Zero Stress

You still want to keep grinding your food in the market? Do you know the dirt and fungi involved? The water is not even clean

Wow!!  i love how this food proccessor saves my time and reduces work. My husband got back from work and i prepared rice for him but pounded yam was what he wished for. I decided to surprise him, went to the kitchen and in less that 5 mins i was back with pounded yam and egusi soup. He was so surprised because i wasn't sweating as usual and it didn't take hours to finish. i highly recommend this food proccessor. It will save you so much stress

-Aminat Shola (Lagos state)

Watch The Pounding Machine In Live Action

You See That? Just Push A Button And Pounded Yam Enough For 2 People Is Ready in 5 Seconds. Take It Out, Add Another Set Of Yam And In 1 Minute You Have Prepared Pounded Yam For The Whole Family!!! Isn't That Amazing?

No More "I am tired now, I can't pound abeg but i wish i can eat poundy"

No more standing on the queue to gring your beans to make moimoi and akara

Everything will now be in order and in minutes, you are done!

And Guess What? It Is Also A Fruit Extractor 😄. In Just 2 Seconds You Have A Well Blended Juice Combination For A Better Health And Improved Lifestyle

Eat Less junk food please

We eat too much junk

Something like a well proccessed moimoi or a garnished egusi soup with pounded yam becomes so difficult to prepare because of the stress involved

no more stress in preparing your food!!!

That is why the MULTI PURPOSE ELECTRIC FOOD PROCESSOR is a must have for every home. You can now prepre pounded yam in seconds with zero stress.

With just a push of the button your beans, okro, egusi, fruits, fufu, tiger nuts, coconuts, chilli, potatoes, vegetables, carrot, salad, meat, plantain and the likes are processed and ready

3 Litres ₦35,000

NOW ₦24,000

6 Litres ₦52,000

NOW ₦35,000

12 Litres ₦74,000

NOW ₦50,000

But The Price Goes Back To Normal Once This Timer Hits Zero


3 Litres Yam pounder food processor

6 Litres Yam pounder food processor


I am fascinated at how it blends, chops and grinds at the same time. Nice purchase

Julie Chibuike

Imo State

I was always scared of buying things online but this one was completely worth the puechase. I got what i requested!

John Damilola

Ogun State