Can't Get Out or Get to Work This Raining Season Without Soiling Your Clean Dry Shoes Cos The Whole Place is Wet and Messed up?

Worry no More, With This Original Waterproof Shoes, You Can Even Walk on Mud/Flood Without Ruining Your Foot Wear

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Purchase it once and use it every raining season for the next 10 years guaranteed. Simple rince any dirt away from it and use it next time


I wish I saw this product earlier, I wouldn't have suffered that disappointment. I thought it will make me walk funny and uncomfortable but it was so comfortable and free. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Totally worth the purchase. The rain has redcued so I will save it for next year

Let Me Show You

I recently relocated to my new house in mainland because I got transfered at work. My former house and work place was tarlocked and tarred so I had no need to be careful during raining seaon. I must wear cooperate to work, my foreign shoes and all

But since I moved to mainland all my shoes don spoil finish because of rain. I have to be extra careful to avoid ruining my feet when I go out. My house is tarlocked, same with my work place but I have to go other places too

One monday morning after a heavy downpour, I left for work. On my way to work I needed to get some groceries from the market because I will close late from work that day. I was walking very carefully through the market until I mistakenly stepped in a mud dirty water.

The thing ruined my new colourful shoes. I tried wiping it but to no avail. I will have to go home to change it but I will be late for work and miss my project presentation so I went to work like that. It was so embarrasing and traumatic

Since that day I stopped wearing my fine favourite shoes to work and I didn't like it cos I always like looking elegant and beautiful

So I was scrolling through facebook the other day when I saw this waterproof shoes. I quickly placed order for them and had it delivered. I must tell you, since that day I no longer fear rain and mud again. I can walk as much as I want in the mud without getting dirty or wet

All my colleagues are asking for the contact of the supplier because they also want one for themselves. I also got one for my man. If you want to be free this raining season, I highly recommend this waterproof shoes

See What You Will Start Enjoying Once You Get This Original Waterproof Shoe

  • Perfectly grips the ground to avoid slipping (brother benard)
  • Hard durable sole. nails and sharp objects can't pierce through
  • Thickened waterproof fabric Made of premium PVC material inside and out, with highly elastic and durable.
  • It is high knee and reusable
  • Can be used continously, every raining season, for over 10 years
  • Can be used for various purposes: Fishing, stoerm, motocycling, erosion, dust etc

See What Others are Saying About This Quality and Affordable Product

I accidentally bought a size larger than I meant to, but now am glad I did! Makes it much easier to slip my foot with shoe in and out of the boot.


Omo, this shoe was helpful o. I got 3 for myself, my wife and my boy. With this I won't need to relocate next month. This will solve all the problems

Hakim kudus

Excellent quality, a bit expensive but I will suggest that the durability and quality of this product is superior.
Size matters: I purchased and received the XXL


No More Need For The stress, Disappointment and embarrasment That comes with Raining  season

Imagine Everyone Walking On This Road to Visit Mama in the Village and you are one of The Lucky ones that Have the High Knee Water Proof Shoes on?

Or having a car break down here but you don't have your reusable water proof shoe with you?

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