Making Delicious and Smooth Swallow For Hubby Should Not be a Problem at all

With The New And Original Swallow Maker, You Won't Even Stress or Break a Sweat To Make A Family Sized Swallow

This is not like your common yam pounder that only last 2 weeks before it burns. This new evolution is guaranteed to last 4 years or more or we return your money

John Damilola

This product has really helped me. During the football world cup, I could watch football and still make my semo and poundy without any stress. It will completely handle the job like a robot, it cooked and pounded my yam for me, all you have to do is wait few mins and serve your meal. I think every bachelor like me needs this. Instead of buying food processor every month, its better to buy this and enjoy it for 4years+

I get late from work really tired and stressed out. My husband is a very native man, he likes swallow so much and it breaks my heart when I get too tired and stressed out from a long day in lagos to make swallow

My friend reffered a yam pounder that comes in different size so I got a big one. I just just wanted to be able to make this food without any stress but the yam pounder only lasted 2 weeks

I told my friend it was fake so she showed me another brand of yam pounder. I decided to try it out and it also got burnt in less than a week. I stopped buying.

On my husband's birthday I promised to make him his favourite, pounded yam and assorted egusi soup but that day I unexpectedly got home tired and stressed again. That same night I was scrolling through facebook when I saw this swallow maker.

It was different from the one I got before and it was not made in china so I decided to try one last time, if this one doesn't last, I won't buy anymore. I have been using it for over 9 months now and it still works perfectly, coupled with the fact that I can make amala, semo, fufu, wheat with it

What surprised me the most was that it both cooked and pounded my yam for me. All I had to do was slice my raw yam and add the right water and boom! my pounded yam was ready in munutes, both cooked and pounded. Same thing with semo

It felt like God made me open facebook that day. My husband's mood has improved since the day I started making him good food. I highly recommend this swallow maker, it will last long and solve all your problems because it solved mine.

  • Cooks and pounds raw yam. Simply slice raw yam and add water
  • Makes both raw and powdered swallow to the desired testure with ease
  • Can be used on both gen and nepa without getting burnt
  • Guaranteed to last for 4 years+
  • Comes in big size and can make food for a family of 12+
  • Can make fufu, eba, semo, wheat, pounded yam, plantain, flour etc
  • Very efficient and delivers at all times
  • Big eatering can have it to save money on helpers pounding because it can make large and small amount of food

No More Need For All Those Unneccessay Stress, Time Wasting And Worries. Solve Them All With The Advanced Swallow Maker

How You Make Your Swallow Before

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Chuibuke Martins

I cant believe I have been using this thing for over 6 months and it still works well

George Osahon

I was always scared of buying things online but this one was completely worth the purchase.

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