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My name is Sandra and this is my Story. But First Let me quickly show you how my man was a total disappointment with his tiny peanus but in just 2 weeks, he started knacking me like this with his big cassava.

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  • Rebuilds penile muscles (for bigger and harder D) and prostate damaged by masturbation effects
  • Rebuilds penile muscles (for bigger and harder D) and prostate damaged by masturbation effects
  • Enhances natural libido in men and stops quick ejaculation
  • Strenghtens the veins and heart to promote blood circultation that will help the D get hard again fast and easily after 1st, 2nd or 3rd round

Mr Kamson Emeka


I was a little  to my skeptical initially, but with a leap of faith, I decided to give it a trial. This has been one of my best decision and I am so glad because this singular decision saved my marriage. I have no issues reffering this product to my friends at work and in church. Thanks a bunch

What Could Be Your Worries And LifeTime Pain?

  • Is your peanus too small? you are an adult but still have the size of a 6 year old?
  • Do you suffer in pain and embbarasment because you cannot satisfy your woman in bed?
  • Have you been looking for solutions for months/years but still can't increase your size?
  • Do you pour in 2 mins and leave madam hanging and angry?
  • Do you find it difficult to stay hard during sex without falling mid sex?
  • Do women in your life cheat or leave you because you cannot satisfy them well in bed?
  • Are You Tired of being in these situations? For how long will you remain like this?

if your answer is no then you can leave this page now but if your answer is yes and you know you are tired and want help, then PLEASE KEEP READING BECAUSE THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WEB PAGE YOU WILL EVER READ

Dear Friend,

If you are tired of not lasting longer in bed...feeling scared every time you are with a woman in the bedroom.. and constantly worrying about finishing too quickly when things get intimate..scared and nervous that you are going to ruin everything and mess up again this time….

And honestly, all you just want is to be able to give any woman complete satisfaction in the bedroom, then it is important that you READ THROUGH VERY WELL TO THE END first before you make any decision.

I know exactly how you feel. My hubby has been there dozens of times and frankly, I don't even like thinking about it because it makes me sick to my stomach.

The never ending embarrassment and humiliation in his eyes after every sex we had. It was not easy.

At first when we first got married, I thought it was temporary but it lasted for weeks, months and then years. I have always wanted to be loyal and faithful to my loving husband but he was not meeting my desires and it was getting too difficult for me.

For the first time in my life I started thinking of cheating on my man,
Yes! It was that serious because for someone that likes and enjoys sex a lot, I was too frustrated. And then coupled with the fact that he had a small size and weak erections every time was driving me crazy!!

It ruined our relationship. It ruined his confidence. He was humiliated.
But the worst part about the whole thing was...He didn't feel like a man!
I was completely fed up with his P.E issues too honestly. My marriage was struggling because of it. I was so sick and tired of his poor sexual life.

I started researching premature ejaculation like a crazy woman, lol. I read books, articles, and websites. I frantically even talked to doctors and therapists on his behalf because most times he was always ashamed to face them himself.

At first, it was so overwhelming for me because there was so much PRODUCTs out there that not only claimed to be the best option to help with P.E, but each of those products contradicted what they promised.

The doctors I talked to even contradicted themselves. I felt so lost!
After a while, even though I was still confused with all the different claims out there, I realized that my hubby was not alone and that there was nothing wrong with him.
Premature ejaculation is a far bigger problem than most men realize. As many as 50% of men experience P.E.

When I learned this, it made me feel a bit better.
Most men however, never talk about it or hear anyone talk about it.
After all, who wants to talk about not lasting long in bed? That is not something men talk about when they are sitting around watching a game or something.

After doing all my research, testing and tweaking all the different so-called "solutions" imaginable, I finally discovered that much of this problem was from 3 MAJOR REASONS. The first one is the imbalance of a major male hormone called TESTOSTERONE which is crucial for sex drive, Libido and sexual Vigor.

The second one is another crucial mineral called NITRIC OXIDE which is very crucial for very efficient blood flow to the Peanus during arousal and proper opening of the blood vessels for this flow. Lastly, a muscle in the PELIVIC FLOOR of the Peanus that is responsible for Erection quality.

The way it works is that The bulbocavernosus muscle of the pelvic floor compresses the deep dorsal vein of the penis to prevent the outflow of blood from an enlarged penis (this is how an erection is maintained and this is how the Peanus size is increased to a bigger fuller size).

Now, If there is a weakness in the pelvic floor and in particular the bulbocavernosus muscle, outflow of blood may not be prevented as well when blood flows in, leading to erectile dysfunction. I also found out that these things could be corrected by the perfect balance of a blend of some exotic herbs, roots, extracts and natural plants that goes down deep to the root cause of the problem to CORRECT and solve it with a PERMANENT CURE.

I did some further research and was able to find a genuine foreign product that contained all these ingredients in the perfect blend and provided the cure to all these problems in a very fast rapid way.

I told my husband about it and we decided to give it a try with faith and now today, we always bless God for coming across such a thing.

The sweetest outcome though, was the fact that my love and sexual life was saved with the person I care most deeply about. My hubby. Not only did he say goodbye to his P.E, but he was lasting as long as I wanted during sex, which was a feeling I had never experienced.

He was in complete control of his orgasm, instead of the other way around.
He finally became the lover that I always wanted, and the kind of guy in bed that I always dreamed of.

Now we are very aware that there are many other couples like us out there facing the same problem and so we decided to share with the world so others can finally get the same kind of relief that we did



Susan Damilola


My friend reffered me to this product after I told her my boyfriend cannot please me in bed. My boyfriend has been using it for 2 weeks now and just last night he f*cked me like never before. I am worried now that he will be cheating on me because he looks so manly and confident

John Madueke


I have spent so much money to solve my PE for approx 7years now to no avail. I saw this on facebook and decided to try it out because it was affordable and it worked wonders. Unlike before, I dont fear approaching women because I am confident I wont fast pour if she visits me. I highly recommend this product if you want to get the result you desire

Do You Know Why You Are Not Getting Results All These While?

One major cause of Small D and premature ejaculaton these days is the kind of food we eat, smoking, drinking and drug abuse. These things alter the hormone imbalance and when it's altered we tend to lose control of our ejaculation. These health issues affects the heart which also affects the penis because the flow of blood will be shortened. This is where our penis starts getting small because no enough blood flow means partially hard D. The minerals in this product is guaranteed to boost blood flow and cleanse the veins

Even infection, whenever we get infected, we run to the hospital for help. White medicine has never been able to cure the root cause of underlying infection, it will only hide the symptoms while damage is still done. The herbal content of this product is capable of reaching deep down to cure it and not supress it

Sensitivity also comes from excitement and irregualr breathing. When we control our breathing while having sex, this product reduces the sensitivity on the penis. With controlled breathing, we'll have total control over how we ejaculate. Which means we now cum when we want not unexpected

That is why this product is the perfect solution for you, it has all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed to hit all underlying problems secretly killing your manhood. No man is born weak, why are you still suffering?

No More Trial and Error, Enlarge your D and Reverse Weakness in The Bedroom With Nature's Gift

So Tell Me, Do you want to get the result now or you want to keeep

  • Testing and consuming every thing they recommend to you that still won't work?
  • Keep starving your woman of good sex and risk loosing her to her bestie?
  • Continuing wasting money on various products out there that cant give results
  • Keep living with low self esteem and shame of your small manhood?
  • Keep fast pouring and humiliating yourself?

The ball is in your court, you can simple take the easy route and just close this page or you can take a bold step towards ending all these forever. The choice is yours

For the serious ones that will take the bold step now to change their lives for good

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Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

is it payment before delivery or payment after delivery?

No, it is payment after delivery. They will bring it to you first before you make any payment if you prefer that. But you can get an extra N1,000 off only if you pay N2,000 into our company account and pay the rest when it is delivered(as described above).

How fast will I get my delivery?

You will get it today or tomorrow latest.

Does it have any side effects?

The product is a perfect blend of 100% organic herbs, natural roots, ingredients and extracts and does not contacin any artificial or synthetic compounds that can react with your system to cause any side effects. So, NO SIDE EFFETCS at all.

please what is the usage of the product?

Use 2 capsules daily, 1 in the morning 1hour before food and one in the evening 1hour before food.

how long before I start seeing results?

you will start to see effective changes within the first 10 to 14 days of proper usage

what are the main functions of the product?

the product has so many powerful functions and benefits but the 3 main functions of the product are Cure of Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection and Penis Enlargement.

is the result permanent or will I need to buy again?

LONGJACK is a pernament cure with a corrective solution. It goes to the root cause and corrects the problem from there. You only need to use it for a period of time and then get your result, after which you will no longer need to keep buying the product anymore.

Why do I need to buy 2 bottles? will 1 not work?

No, it does not mean that 1 bottle will not work. Even 1 bottle can give you perfect and guaranteed results and most of our customers see perfect results with one bottle. We only recommend 2bottle for customers who can afford to go for two bottles because 2bottles will last you for 30days which is a 1 month therapy that allows for a fuller dosage that we recommend. But if you can not afford the two bottles you have nothing to worry about because even from 1 bottle you already will get outstanding results.

How can I trust your guarantee? what if I don't get any results?

We have given this solutions to over 11,000 happy customers and every single one of them have gotten very good results so we are that confident that you will get it. We have never had any customer who has not gotten any results so your case will not be any dofferent from them. But if that does happen, then we will sort it out quickly.

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