Want To Start Creating Your Content But Don't HaVe The Tools Needed?

Get The All-in-One Portable Selfie Stick and Get Your Premium Content Ready in Few Minutes Without Spending Extras on Ring Light

This 3 in 1 has everything you need to get the perfect picture/video quality for all types of contents



This ring light was a very good investment. I love it so much. All my friends are coming to borrow it even when they all have their own big ring lights. I have been enjoying it for 3 months now, totally worth the purchase

Get Good Lighting Now With This Invention and Create Better Content That Will Wow Your Viewers

  • Provide a perfect angle of view, convenient to take pictures and enjoy the selfie life
  • Taking photos and recording videos is more stable and natural.
  • It can be easily placed anywhere, whether it is a bag or a pocket.
  • Comes with a bluetooth remote for distance capture
  • Comes with two bright ring light on both sides for higher quality contents
  • Has a retractable standing tripod so you don't need any one to help you take pictures
  • Made of original High quality material so it is guaranteed to last years
  • Easily compactable unlike big heavy ring lights and video making device that is diffucult to carry around
  • Small, affordable and portable but also does the job even better than the big expensive ones

Bluetooth remote control


Suitable for all types of phones, both iphone and android


Beautiful fill light


Multi purpose and universal. Applicable to variety of scenarios


You are in for a Whole New Experience

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I got this last 3 weeks and I can say it really was worth the purchase. It added class and taste to my videos and pictures. I highly recommend


I took this on a boat cruise and enjoyed every bit of my experience. Every one either wanted to try it out of take a shot with me

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