The compelling urge to just walk up to that beautiful woman in front of you and express your utter interest in her but at the end of the day, you end up drooling at her perfect curved a8s or her angelic face, maybe her demeanor. It always ends that way.

Our stories are quite different but the result is always the same, we end up not getting the girl or we loose what we got to another guy that knows the game better. By the time you read this page to the end, you will realise how things can actually change for the best.

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It is rampant today how girls play their hard to get game on boys. After so many weeks and month she still refuses to give you what you want. , few years ago I was just like that, maybe worse.


It was the 8th week in a row since I’ve been trying to get Rhoda to like me, she has been my crush for quite a long time. I felt like crying after seeing her short reply “ok”. You won’t understand. I wrote a full page expressing my love for this girl on WhatsApp and all she said was “ok”.

Perhaps its not love you want, you just want something "official" and thats all. Most women these days don't care about love anyway, they want money, and even if you readily don't have the money yet, you can still compete with the bigger boys in the game by chemically and psychologically affecting her mind and brain to unconsciously crave and yearn for you in ways she doen't undrstand.


My friend back then at work used to have a serious crush on one very pretty girl, he wanted to talk to her but always procrastinated, i dared him to walk up to her and express himself when i knew within me that he won't dare.

Until one faithful day when he decided to take up my challenge to finally speak to the love of his life, guess what happened? he only said one line he has been rehearsing before he started shaking and profusely sweating in front of her even if the weather was very cold.

He was so embarrassed, I could feel he wished he could just vanish and end his misery. And that was how he screwed his only chance to get the girl of his dreams.

she used to smile when their eyes met but after that day all the green light ended indefinitely, it was like she realised he wasn't man enough and completely lost interest.

Did Your Girlfriend Ditch You for Another Guy Because You Could Not Make Her Feel Special?

I remembered how my girlfriend back then left me for another guy, you know what she told me? “I’m sorry Osagie, this has to end, you can’t even make me feel special, I’m in love with someone else, he knows how to make me beg for more”, my life was so miserable.

Heart break Is the most deadly break. I almost lost my sense of humor.

Ebuka, a good friend lacked the expertise to get a woman to fall helplessly in love. The woman he had been dating for so many years ended their relationship and went with another guy because she fell out love with him.

I thought my friend was the black iron man until after that incidence, he cried like a baby and i was so surprised this strong, powerful guy could ever go down in tears


After that first meeting at the bar or school or workplace, you got her number, of course, and you bade her goodbye but she was already so into you, she waited and yearned for your call for days but didnt get it, only for her heart to leap with sweet excitement when she heard your voice over the phone from an unknown number

Rejection is a  major concern we guys face today. But what if your first approach was so cool and calculated, it piqued her attraction towards you as your confidence and demeanor was too hot to go unnoticed.

Finally Rid Yourself of Trying so Hard For Weeks

Trying so hard gives her the ideology that you need her and she will leverage on that to increase her worth by stressing you for a long time. But trying in subtle and little ways will increase your worth and make her feel she will be loosing if she doesn't act fast and quick 

All girls have a bad habit of stressing you for weeks or even months just to give you her contact cos she is feigning "hard to get". You may need her for dating, love or sex but she just doesn't want to play along.

So many guys do this the wrong way, exactly why she will stress you. she thinks you NEED her because your're trying so hard. Guys that win don't even try at all.

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Hi my name is ikhine osagie, some of my friends call me sage anyway. I was just like you, even worse. I had this mindset that to get the girl, i needed to please her, i had to be a nice guy but i was so wrong

nice guys finish last, nice guys try so hard, nice guys get friendzoned, nice guys lack confidence..

This doesn't mean we should be bad boys and disrespect the feelings of girls but this means we should change our approach towards girls and actually realise what they want from us and not what we think they want.

I was so mad at myself, my head was spinning, i felt like stabbing him right there even if i had no knife with me. Yes, i was that disoriented. chika was just one hell of a woman.

She had curves, looks, height, even character. I had been doing everything i could to get her to like me. I pleased her just to displease myself, i wouldn't want to mention the embarrassing things i did to penetrate the heart of chika.

Unknowinly to me, i was suffering from the nice guy syndrome, gradually getting friendzoned without even knowing it. Until this guy came along, fred, he wasn't as tall as me, not even as handsome, talkless of richer than me.

I have been after this girl for over 2months but this guy just started 4days ago and he was already leading.

I had never kissed chika but this faithful day, i was taking a walk with her when fred bumped into us, my anger was already building but to my utmost suprise he kissed chika right in front of me, not just any kiss, a romantic one, one that i have been dreaming of so many times.

Chika didn't even remember that i was still standing with her, fred took her away to do only God knows what and all she said to me was "osagie wait for me, i am coming". i was standing there like a jackass!

Won't You Ask Me What Happened?

  • I was trying so hard
  • I was a nice guy
  • I didn' have the guts to make a move
  • I didn't have my own say and opinion
  • I pleased her against my own will
  • I lacked confidenceally
  • I was doing what i thought she wanted, not what she really wanted
  • I was scared of rejection
  • I was looking for love the wrong way
  • I was always available, she never had the time to miss me and realise she actually likes me





  • The confidence that makes girls go crazy over you
  • Secrets to making a girl fall helplessly in love with you
  • Never try hard to get what you want from her(dating, sex or romance)
  • The proven ways to always leave her begging for more
  • Things you probably don't know about women
  • Chronicles of a bad boy

This took me 8months to produce and cost me a bit over 70 thousand naira but it was totally worth it. this product saves you the stress of always dreaming about your dream girl, you start to see that you should never try harder than neccessary to get any girl to do your bidding, it makes manhood so much easier.

Girls that i will start 'toasting' for 6 months, i now only spend 1 week before she starts confessing her love to me. i don't need to dream about her when she's not in the moon, she is right there in my country, in my state, in my street and probably right in front of me all i have to do is make a simple move.

But don't just take my word for it, see what others are saying about the "Love Magnet Decoy"


Adeleke - Student 

21 years old

Thanks to osagie, i no longer sweat or shiver when "toasting" a girl on the street. It now feels so easy

Ifeanyi - Bachelor

26 years old

Been trying to get chioma"s attention for a very long time, but after using sage's offer, I had her in my arms in less than a week. Thanks bro

Ganiyu - Bachelor

31 years old

Osagie you really helped me o, for the first time, my girlfriend said i have changed, that she liked the new me. i thought this would be like those other fake stuff out there but it is so loaded. Thanks bro 

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Build a super hero body from the comfort of your home

Undermining the fact that not all girls notice how fit you are, it is essential to have a cool body shape cos it is an advantage. Fitness not only makes you look hot, it also makes you very healthy, increases your strenght and makes you powerful on bed. A broad chest, wide shoulders and 6 packs is all you need.

The proven techniques to get any girl's number on day 1

You may get discouraged if she is way over your league, maybe she rides a car and you don't or she's so sophisticated and you are just and average guy. You stand a chance to get her number if you play your cards well.

Confirmed method to create lustful sexual urges in a girl

It is said that one of the best ways to avoid getting freindzoned by that girl is by creating sexual urge in her. You can get a woman ridiculously turned on without saying anything at all, just follow the bad bpy principle.

It cost me a lot of time, experience and money to put this all together, if you were to pay for each bonus seperately, it will cost you nothing less than N4,000 naira multiplied by the 3 bonuses which will be N12,000 naira or more. 

So i should be justified if i decide to sell my offer for N30,000 naira because it is totally worth it.

Just imagine what life will be like when you start having lots of beautiful girls flock your DM expressing how they feel about you.

If all this did was to help you get the girl of your dreams and keep her that way, or it made you invisible that all what girls wanted was to get your attention.

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You know why I know this stuff works? Everyone that has used the secret in my offer consistently has gotten tons of result since then. And those who chose not to invest in it or just purchase it but don’t apply the secrets still can't even talk to girls let alone have them fall helplessly.

Let me tell you a quick story about my friend David, he never kissed a girl until he was 20, he never had a girlfriend until after university but just a week after using the secrets in my offer he managed to seduce and bring home a beautiful girl who has been playing hard to get.

So don’t think it doesn’t work. There are shorter, uglier, shyer and poorer guys that purchased my offer and are getting the kind of result you want so you cannot be an exception if you purchase today.

Infact, the only thing, I mean only thing separating the guys that get good and those that don’t is their willingness to find a solution and are not scared of investing in themselves even if it will cost a lot. Which means your success will be guaranteed if you take action today.

I don't want guys who are lazy and want everything on a platter of gold, i want guys who are ready to work better to change their situation, so if you will just purchase my offer without taking action then it is not for you, I dont want your money.

You see, it doesn’t matter to us whether you make this purchase right now or not, we will still be going about our daily business helping boys and men improve and prosper in their relationships with pretty girls without trying hard.

However, without my help you will always be trying harder than necessary. I know it sounds a bit harsh and mean but I’m been honest with you

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