Get Any Girl To Fall Helplessly in Love With You Without Even Trying.

Imagine Never trying so Hard to get The Attention, love and even lust of that girl you've always wanted. with simple and predefined steps, you can get her to chase after you in less than a week

Finally Rid Yourself of Getting Rejected

Rejection is a  major concern we guys face today. But what if your first approach was so cool and calculated, it piqued her attraction towards you as your confidence and demeanor was too hot to go unnoticed.

After that first meeting at the bar or school or workplace, you got her number, of course, and you bade her goodbye but she was already so into you, she waited and yearned for your call for days but didnt get it, only for her heart to leap with sweet excitement when she heard your voice over the phone from an unknown number

Hello, my name is Osagie but you can call me sage, few years ago I was just like you, maybe worse. It was the 8th month in a row since I’ve been trying to get Rhoda to like me, she has been my crush for quite a long time. I felt like crying after seeing her short reply “ok”.  You won’t understand. I wrote a full page expressing my love for this girl on WhatsApp and all she said was “ok”.  Chai, that was one of the worse day of my life, I felt so bad, I needed an upgrade, I needed to turn the table, to make Rhoda come to me, begging for my attention so that it will be payback time but I had no idea how to go about it.

Finally Rid Yourself of Trying so Hard For Weeks

All girls have a bad habit of stressing you for weeks or even months just to give you her contact cos she is feigning "hard to get". You may need her for dating, love or sex but she just doesn't want to play along. So many guys do this the wrong way, exactly why she will stress you. she thinks you NEED her because your're trying so hard. Guys that win don't even try at all.

Trying so hard gives her the ideology that you need her and she will leverage on that to increase her worth by stressing you for a long time. But trying in subtle and little ways will increase your worth and make her feel she will be loosing if she doesn't act fast and quick 

I remembered how my girlfriend back then left me for another guy, you know what she told me? “I’m sorry Osagie, this has to end, you can’t even make me feel special, I’m in love with someone else, he knows how to make me beg for more”, my life was so miserable, heart break Is the most deadly break. I almost lost my sense of humor.

That was when I decided to make a change, I had to improve. These girls should be the ones chasing me, not the other way round. If I wasn’t so dumb and incapable, I wouldn’t have suffered an heartbreak that almost wrecked my conscience .

For years I have been thinking it was because I wasn’t handsome enough, or I wasn’t tall enough, even if shorter guys did better than me. I even thought it was because I was broke even when guys that are way poorer than me steals my crush right under my nose. I figured out they weren’t true as I eventually found the solution I’ve always wanted.

After I realized that was when I started to feel good about myself. I remember esther, for the first time she smiled at me when our eyes met, she was another beauty that used to be way out of my league and trust me I took up the green light she gave me.

Girls flooded my room and that really got me surprised, my WhatsApp DM was filled with “hello osagie, you no dy call me again” but I no even get her number, “osagie can you teach me geometry in my room tomorrow?”, “osagie, I prepared rice, are you hungry?”. You know that feeling when group of girls start staring at you seductively like they’re plotting to rape you.

The 'Love Magnet Decoy' Solves Your Problem in 3 Ways:

Changes your Approach

If you keep trying so hard, she will never let you touch her. despiration makes you look uninteresting and boring and to get her to love and lust after you, you must leave her begging for more, either sexually or romantically.

Boost your Confidence

Do you know that confidence is so attractive, Your words and actions when you talk to her pulls her heartstrings and makes her bit her lips in anticipation of whats coming next. she can start falling in love with you even from day 1  

Makes girls go crazy over you

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Now I never said its going to be easy, challenging yourself to become the person you want to be is never easy but make no mistake, its yours if you want it bad enough.

If you are willing to persist through challenges and learn from them, success will be assured and guaranteed.


After purchasing the 'Love Magnet Decoy', work on it.

it is one thing to invest in this training, it it is another thing to digest it. Many will just purchase it and keep it without even working. You can never be good in physics if you don't work on a physics textbook.


Make a move!

ok cool, you purchased the training and digested it but now is the time to act. You don't make money by sleeping in your room all day, you have to come out and work on yourself. Your first move is the most important.



Congratulations! you have purchased the training and worked on it but after your first move, you stopped. You think dangote will be the richest man if he made his first million dollars and relaxed? You have to be consistent and believe me, in a matter of time, you will be the baddest boy in your hood 

Let me tell you, no matter how you look, you are still the type of guy so many girls will love, women cannot be understood but can be predicted.

So if you want date, sex or romance or you want dozens of girls crushing on you and helplessly falling in love with you then this is one of the best action you will ever take in achieving that. And having girls crush on you and endlessly fall in love with you is one of the best feeling there is.

Customer stories

Adeleke - Student

21years old

thank you so much sage for helping me get that girl i told you about, the one that dosn't want to give me number; for the past 3days she has been asking for my address

ifeanyi - Bachelor

26years old

The sweet feeling of being able to talk to any girl without sweating, even if she's way over your league

Ganiyu - Bachelor

31years old

sage this one is too much o, jumoke will not leave me again o. this girl don fall in love with me. chai, person never love me like this before

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Here's Another Text Section

Just imagine what life will be like when you start having lots of beautiful girls flock your DM expressing how they feel about you.

You know why I know this stuff works? Everyone that has used the secret in my book consistently has gotten tons of result since then. And those who chose not to invest in the book or just purchase it but don’t apply the proven tricks in this book still cant even talk to girls let alone have them fall helplessly.

Let me tell you a quick story about my friend David, he never kissed a girl until he was 20, he never had a girlfriend until after university but just a week after using the secrets in my book he managed to seduce and bring home a beautiful girl who has been playing hard to get.

So don’t think it doesn’t work. There are shorter, uglier, shyer and poorer guys that purchased my book and are getting the kind of result you want so you cannot be an exception if you purchase today.

Infact, the only thing, I mean only thing separating the guys that get good and those that don’t is their willingness to find a solution and are not scared of investing in themselves even if it will cost a lot. Which means your success will be guaranteed if you take action today.

You see, it doesn’t matter to us whether you make this purchase right now or not, we will still be going about our daily business helping boys and men improve and prosper in their relationships with pretty girls without trying hard.

However, without my help you will always be trying harder than necessary. I know it sounds a bit harsh and mean but I’m been honest with you

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Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason at all, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a refund.