Have Trouble cleaning or servicing your properties effectively?

This Affordable New Invention is Guaranteed To Change and Upgrade Your Cleaning Experience Effectively and Immediately

Powerful flow rate and strong cleaning ability. 2 years Warantee at an Affordable Price



I got this for my swimming pool. after they change the water, it will need more work to get the debris and stains off the wall so I got this to help me out and it has been fantastic. when I saw it on this page, I had my doubts but I have no regrets now

we spend about 4 hours cleaning the pool, now only my boy can easily clean the pool in 30 mins. the pressure from the gun is amazing. I don't need to buy fuel for pumping machine or use hose that is very slow. With this pressure machine, everything is now seemless and fast

I also use it for my car. In just 15 mins, i am done cleaning my car. The product was totally worth it. highly recommend

Watch this short video to see all you will be getting

Let Me Show You Some Of The Benefits You Start To Enjoy

  • Multifunctional high pressure cleaning, very suitable for car washing, gardening watering, agricultural irrigation and daily cleaning
  • Mini and portable war washer, easy for you to carry along with you
  • Wire proof, safe and reliable, high temperature resistance, short circuit proof, long life, moto protection
  • The long lasting built in pump can generate massive high pressure to provide strong water flow to clean up your vehicle
  • Special material water proof, water and electricity isolation for safety
  • Suitable for watering flowers, cleaning car, swimming pool, air conditioner, bathroom, window, floor and morre

Comes with 2 power rechargeable batteries. No need for pumping machine, no need to waste fuel, no need for electricity. More than 40 minutes of long battery life


48V powerful high performance battery. 120mins long lasting battery 


multi purpose usage. This device can be used in various areas. Its application diversity is enomous


Connect your pump to multiple types of water supply


Multi functional nozzle. nozzle can spread water in 3 different dimension, depending on your desired taste


You will be receiving a complete full package in its own box jear




With the help of this tool, I was able to grow corn in january. My irrigation was very easy, the powerful flow of water easily penetrated the soil properly. All my  crops germinated and my harvest was just like the raining season. I like it


I got this for my car wash business and it has been very helpful. My boys are now faster and doing a better job. it saves me time and makes me more money. I will need another one

You are in for a Whole New Experience

We are running a discount price for those that place order now. Instead of ₦75,000, place order now and get it all for only

Comes with two(2) 48v 120mins+ powerful battery


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