Are you tired of always chasing and begging customers to buy?

This is Your Final Chance To Change This Situation.

Learn How To Get Automated 10X More Sales for your Business and Client's Business Without Even Trying Hard 

Let Me Show You What You Will Discover in this Online Class


Enhanced sales process

That you do not need to convince, cajole or beg customers to buy your product. Your sales system does everything for you


Automated business and sales

That you can be asleep or going about your other activities and you are still making sales in bulk


Nation wide and world wide reach

That you are no longer limited to only people living in your street, town, city, followers, views, family and friends. Now even the man at the edge of the country can now see and buy your product


Expanded and increased sales

That you do not need to start counting your few daily sales. With a well built sales system, you will now be able to get 10x more sales than you can imagine


Independent business world

That you do not need to sit and wait for customers to come and buy before you can make a sale


Sell as you like

That there are different types of effective sales strategy to deploy on your business that will enable you sell off your products quick and fast in bulk


Unlimited exposure

That your business will now be on the internet where millions and hundreds of millions can see your product all at the same time irrespective of location. Like renting a shop but not by the corner of the street but on the vast internet


It started many years ago when I used to beg customers to buy my product. One of my most painful experience was in 2019 when I imported some goods I needed to sell to make my profit

It was few months before the imminent corona virus shut down. My goods spent months occupying space in my house, I was unable to sell and my money was tied down. If I didn't clear out those goods anytime soon it will be out of fashion, outdated and nobody will be interested anymore


After posting to the same regular people that where tired of seeing my products on facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter and on the streets, I gave up and was ready to give away the products or find a way to sell it off at a cheap price before I lose all my money

I couldn't even find a buyer at the throw-away price because the lockdown was now getting serious, no one could go out. This delayed me from selling off at the cheap price I agreed so I became more worried, not knowing that that was a blessing in disguise

I was surfing through the internet when I found a solution, like God heard my prayers and sent me a solution. At first I didn't want to pay for the information because I felt is was a waste of time and it won't work

the breakthrough

Little did I know that there was a better way and I was doing it all the wrong way. I didn't know I needed to find a way to stop selling to family and friends that will still want to collect on credit and that were tired of seeing my products; I needed to start selling to complete strangers around the country that where looking for my product to buy but didn't know how to find me

I quickly cancelled all the orders from people that bought my products for almost free and started learning and practicing. The tutor didn't care much about us, he just wanted to make money but I didn't bother about that. I took the bull by the horn, practiced, improvised and enhanced my skills

I usually sell 500pieces of my products in 2 months but I sold 1,000 pieces of that product in just 2 weeks. I was running out of stock too quickly so I had to buy more to meet up customers around the country or where ever I want

It is over 5 years now of mastering and enhancing this skill and I will make sure you do not suffer to learn like I did

But before we continue, let me quickly show you what you will be getting in this program

Main Benefits

Wordpress website training (hosting and domain)

Renting your online shop to position your business on the vast internet space and setting it up for success

All basic tools review and installation

Understanding the concept of sales funnels and what it is about to do to your business

Sales funnel training

Understanding the concept of sales funnels and what it is about to do to your business

Automated sales system training

Designing and building your first sales funnel and sales page to bring in your targeted sales

Complete sales strategy training

Various sales strategy that will get you the desired result depending on your market and industry

Full stack analysis on getting more results

optimizing and revamping an inactive sales system for improved results

But that's not all you will be getting in this bootcamp, there is more

Bonus 1

basic tools you need to get started

You will get the basic paid tools you need to get started and get the result you need to crush the market with sales

Bonus 2

understanding facebook/instagram sponsored ads

You will be introduced to the world of facebook ads and how this will catapult your business to the very top of the foodchain

Bonus 3

lifetime access to your course

You will have a login section where you can put in your username and password to access your course incase you forget something or for revision

I may not be as popular as many other tutors, I have nnever thought of teaching and revealing these knowledge to anyone but I changed my mind and decided to help men who are in great need of my service

So many men are down, frustrated and tired of the cold and harsh hands of life, they have only themselves when they are down. I mean to elevate as many men as possible so I came out of hiding

I have always been able to deliver my service as preached, you can ask men in our Man Maker Space But if you think I may not be able to deliver on this particular industry, check out few of my sales results in the past

These are some of my net sales for some products I have sold on this website

These are some of my daily orders I was able to screen record

These are my regular daily delivery rates

now your turn to get results

  • If all this does is to increase your sales and make your business progress, will it be worth it?
  • If all this does is to make you an extra 300k - 500k monthly from helping other business grow their business, will it be worth it?
  • If all this does is to make sure you stop trying hard to get serious customers looking for your product to buy, will it be worth it?
  • If all this does is to position your business on the vast unlimited internet space with unlimited customers, will it be worth it?
  • If all this does is to allow you automate your sales such that even while you're sleeping, you're making more sales than those that are awake, will it be worth it?
  • If all this does is to make you run out of stock fast that you will need to restock almost every time to be able to meet your large customer's request, will it be worth it?

Are you now ready to learn the most valuable skill in the world, direct your business to the right direction and live the life you have always wanted?


Unlike many other classes you have been to, this is different as I will make sure you start getting the result you desire as long as you take the knowledge seriously and do all your tasks

The highly valuable skill I am about to teach you is only known by few + it requires a lot of money to get it. However, I will not charge you the regular price for this online class that will take 5 - 8 days.

Moreover, the class is not for everyone. I only need a few serious minded individuals that are burning with a desire to get results because to be able to deliver and manage my dedication.

I will need very few people to join. In order not to miss out before I shut down entry, I suggest you jump in now and book your slot as the class can only take 10 serious minded individuals

3 slots left
Current Progress
Current Progress
3 slots left

ACCESS FEE IS ₦150,000


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who is this for?


For people that own a business but do not know what to do to take their sales through the roof


For people that want to open a business in the future and want to be able to get the reach, sales, purchase and conversion without trying so hard or feeling lost


For people that want their business to go far and wide and not just depend on few customers checking out their market


For people that want to automate and put their sales on autopilot


For people that want to put their business on the internet and not just depend on the few offline customers so that incase of any lockdown, their business will continue to move


For people that want to learn how to sell proplerly on the internet. The kind of sales you only see in movies but you want to experience it yourself


For people that have a dream to fulfil but do not have enough money so they want a side hustle that can earn them 300k -700k monthly.

For more information and enquiries, call/whatsapp 09069668339