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Same issue happened to my previous relationships. I don't get wet, I am always dry and unresponsive to se*ual approach. It was like I don't like intercourse. I was different and this thing was making me lose all the good men that came my way.

my Problem

It started at my young age. I am a victim of se*ual abuse. I have never had intercourse and enjoyed it. I am always in pains no matter how much romance, touching and k1ssing. It takes so long before my fiancee can successfully penetrate.

He complained and I promised to do something about it. I tried chemists and hospitals but all they gave me was not working. I tried various products online and instagram vendors but nothing was working. I even inserted all sort of things to hopefully get me wet but it was not just working. I also tried p0rn.

There was this woman now taking my boyfriend's attention and time, she had very nice looks and was even more beautiful than me. He got tired of trying it with me, even I wanted it but the experience was always laced with pain. 

After 5 failed relationships, I was not ready to lose this one again because of my past trauma. I didn't know what to do


I was scrolling through facebook when I saw this ad. I have tried various solutions so this was no difference but I decided to try it anyway. This is my second week of using a pussy sweetner I made myself from information I got from the ebook. I am very surprised when I woke up the next morning with an extremely wet pussy

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I made my fiancée's favorite meal and went to visit him. he didn't want me to come because our meeting was always just talk and talk. After he ate, I seduced him and the rest was history.

We will be getting married next month. My fiancee now gives me all the undivided love and attention I missed. The eBook also contains so many secret I haven't heard about before. My man will love only me and this eBook has everything I need.

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