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4 Different Classes To Suite Your Taste

Horizontal Nature


Vertical Galaxy


Vertical Nature


Horizontal Galaxy


Decorating your house plays a pivotal role in one's life. Beautifying your home and office with new furniture and other accessories will help you to put you on the right track and will relax your mind too. Lighting is necessary to drive away the darkness and illuminate the space. It also sets the mood in the room and creates a wonderful ambiance.

This Classic Luxurious Nordic Wall Clock is the center of attraction for any ambiance. The wall clock has a feather painted on it. The lights used in the wall clock make it a great piece of attraction.

These wall clocks are excellent gift items for people of all ages. These beautiful wall clocks are a perfect combination of class and style.

Acrylic and metal used in the clock make the clock to be durable. It will not only add extra charm to your wall but also add a dazzling view to your space.


Martins Afolabi


I got this few weeks ago and the quality is top notch. They allowed me check everything before collecting payment. The seller is kind and patient because I asked too many questions and wasted so much time but they were patient till I was satisfied.

George Ebube


I thougght it will cost so much but it was actually afordable for the quality. it was a good buy, I highly recommend if you want the best

See What Every One is Using

Then See The Ugraded luxury you will Start using

Let Me Help You Understand Better

See the difference between the luxurious nordic wall clock and the 3D wall clock

Luxury nordic

  • Scarce, only few people can get it
  • Almost same price with the other but way higher quality
  • Made with metal
  • Unique design

3d clock

  • Common and over used
  • Almost same price with the other but way lower quality
  • Made with mostly plastic and ceramics
  • Regular design

The luxurious nordic wall clock has massive effect on how people perceive your space : home, office, lounge etc Over 5,000 customers nagtionwide are attesting but it does not end there. see more benefit you get if you place irder today

Massive Benefits

  • You can choose from many types of wall decor that are available
  • Almost same price with the 3D
  • These wall decors are of high and premium quality
  • Very easy to install
  • They are creative as well as fashionable
  • They do not reflect any unpleasant glare
  • They are colorful, clean, simple, and also waterproof.
  • These wall decors are perfect for any bar, coffee house, home and all kinds of individual places
  • They come in different patterns, shapes, sizes as well as in attractive and bright colors.
  • They are durable, long-lasting, scratchproof and light in weight too

Get Luxury Nordic Wall Clock Now & Transform the look of your home space

Offers noticeable luxury

Designed to transofrm your suite

fits in and transform any corner

sophisticated, beautiful and affordable

new modern generation set piece for every home

Very easy to install

Unlike Other Home Designs, This Nordic Clock is Scarce And Authentic. Only Few People Have Access To It And You Will Be One of Them

The quality has been tested and trusted. Unlile many other luxury product you see out there, this classic nordic clock stands out from them all. You may feel you won't be needing it until you see how it transforms your space

This clock is not for everyone. It is strictly for the few ones that want top most quality at an affordable price so will you get it now or let this oppurtunity slip by? What you see out there is just stickers and plastic clock parading as quality materials with high price

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You can choose from many types of wall decor that are available

Horizontal Nature

Vertical Galaxy

Vertical Nature

Horizontal Galaxy

3 Different Packages

These prices are subject to change in few hours. Once it expires, all packages returns back to normal price

Horizontal nature

Normal ₦70,000

Now ₦55,000

Vertical galaxy

Normal ₦60,000

Now ₦45,000

Vertical nature

Normal ₦60,000

Now ₦45,000

Horizontal galaxy

Normal ₦50,000

Now ₦38,000

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