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Let Me Show You What Will Start Happening To You After You Take The Powerful Kingdom Fitness Nutritional Reset Program™.


  • Benefit 1. Your skin gets purified
    Your skin is your largest organ, so it only makes sense if it shows positive results from a detox program
  • Benefit 2. Hidden toxins in your body gets ejected
    One way to help your detoxing effort is to take Clean 9 to help the body sweat out and release toxins
  • Benefit 3. You get a clearer and smoother skin
    You will expect a clearer, smoother skin at the end of your detox program
  • Benefit 4. Erases and ejects Acne on your skin
    It has also been reported that detoxing can help with acne. You may find that your skin itches or gets patchy before clearing up, but is this part of the process and it is a sign that you're on the right track with the program
  • Benefit 5. You get to see The power of Aloe vera
    Aloe vera gel moisturizes your skin from the inside, easing your symptoms more quickly

it helps your body get rid of excess waste(Cleansing the colon)

  • Benefit 1. Get rid of waste easily
    Detoxing with clean 9 allows the body to get rid of toxic excess
  • Benefit 2. Enhances your body system to act
    Like most detox program, this one is designed to stimulate the body to purge itself, helping the liver, kidney and colon work more effectively
  • Benefit 3. Aloe vera is a natural cleansing agent
    Unlike most detox programs, this one uses aloe vera and forever fibre to gently cleanse the digestive system
  • Benefit 4. Ejecting toxins at all cost
    Cleansing the colon is an important part of the detoxing process because those toxins needs to exit the body

you start aging backwards with noticeable younger looking skin

  • Benefit 1. It Fights toxins on your skin causing aging
    Constantly dealing with a barrage of toxins is one contributing factor to the aging process
  • Benefit 2. The benefit you get is not short term
    By reducing the amount of free radical damage done to the body, you're going to see not only short term benefits, but also long term benefits in increased longetivity
  • Benefit 3. You get to know the Secret on how to reverse aging
    After you finish your detox program, it is very important to not go back to the lifestyle that was causing the toxicity. And these secrets will show you exactly how
  • Benefit 4. You get a complete nutrition cleanising pack, complete with supplements,meal plans pprotein shake and coaching plans.
    Sticking to life style change, being active and drinking aloe vera gel daily are great ways to make sure that you feel good and enjoy each moment of your life as you bask in good health and fitness.

You loose over 9lbs in 9days guaranteed

  • Benefit 1. You loose weight faster with an easy change to how you eat
    It is easy to see how a detox program will cause you to loose weight in the short term, but forever living clean9 goes one step further, helping you redefine your relationship with food
  • Benefit 2. Your body becomes more responsive to weight loss
    In addition to reducing your calorie intake during the program, forever garcinia plus and forever therm help rev up your metabolism and makes your body use up calories more effectively
  • Benefit 3. Weight loss makes people hungry and weak but you won't 
    As an added bonus, these products, along with forvever fiber and the delicious forever lite ultra shake that comes in the clean 9 package; won't leave you hungry and light headed. Instead, they make you feel satisfied and energetic

Don't Think It'll End There; By The Time You Go Through This Page To The End, You'll See The Uniqueness of this Offer and Why you'll be Doing Yourself a whole Wrong if you Don't Take action Now!!!


This Program Returns back To $5,000 Once This Timer Hits Zero

Finally, Your Search For Guaranteed Good Health at 70, Younger Looking Skin at 60, a Scultured Body at 50 and a Balanced life, is Here, Don't Miss it!!! 

what you must know

Detoxification has become the call of the day, individuals and companies manufacturing different detox products all over the place, some are toxic, others aren't.

It becomes overwhelming how fitness and detox has become so saturated but by the time you decide to give any one a trial, you get disapponted, now you're tired of trying because thay all seem to say the same thing but do they same thing, and what's that? Nothing!

People go as far as endangering themselves with toxic fitness products just to loose weight by all means that they forget to be careful, these things accumulate and comes out smiling at you as you get older. 

we hurt our body without knowing it

It even gets worse when you have no idea your body needs to detoxify, The body can't talk you know, we talk through our mouth but the body talks through signs and symptoms, signs we overlook and ignore. 

But what happens when the body and skin accumulates too much toxins, fat, sugar, waste and unwanted fluids?

We start to feel wierd and unusual. Some major symptoms that reveals we need to detoxify are listed below:

  • Migranes or headaches
  • Sugar cravings
  • Low or inconsistent energy
  • Bloating or gas
  • Caffeine addiction
  • Binge eating or drinking
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fluid retention

will you keep ignoring the warning signs?

Now the question is, how many times have you noticed one or more of these symptoms but decided to overlook? It is easy to ignore the fact that the body is complaining but we overlook them because the body is still younger and stonger so it can easily manage all issues and hang in there but what happens when you start to age?

Among others, your skin looks older than your age, your stomach grows so big and you add weight no matter how you try to eat very little, you even go as far as starving yourself and spending hours in the gym but after your golden little progress, you go back to fat and out of shape again.

Do you think the oversized pimples on your face is there bacause you're naturally born with pimples? "Everyone in my family suffers from large pimples or are over weight" people say.

But I want to tell you this, they are not genetic!! you just need a good program to help your detoxify effectively and keep you detoxified. Many products out there promise weight loss and fitness but even if they did, can they keep you that way after you hit a new milestone?

How many can help you achieve the lifestyle that will change you and make it easy for you to stay fit even when you eat that fried chicken? How many of them will reveal secrets to staying fit, maintaining younger looking skin and detoxifying to the last toxin?

the change lies in your hands

Now, that is where the C9 forever program comes in. While others just want to sell to you and make money, we prefer to sell to you and make sure you get your desired result, not just getting your desired result but also keeping that result.

That is why we took our time to put together this complete package.

You either keep doubting or you grab this once in a lifetime opportunity and change that situation for good.  

  • You won't have to worry about that sexy swimsuit because its going to fit very soon.
  • You won't have to worry about acne and skin infections anymore, because your once flawless looking skin will soon be flawless again
  • Wrinkles shouldn't come close until you're old, that's why you will soon be getting a clearer and smother skin
  • That nice tuxedo will soon fit perfectly because your prochuding stomach wil soon get flat with noticeable 6 packs
  • All sort of toxins causing your body unrest and stress will get detoxified in no time, the ball is in your court

Kingdom Fitness Nutritional Reset Program™

The complete Over valued Program Guaranteed to help you lose Weight, Blast Belly Fat and keep It!


  • 2X litre bottle Forever Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1X  Forever Litre Ultra With Aminotein vanilla (15 servings)
  • 1X Forever Therm (18 Tablets)
  • 1X Forever Garcinia Plus (54 Softgel)
  • 1X Forever Fibre (9packets)
  • 1X Shaker and Tape measure
  • And bonuses worth over $2,000


After 5years, i finally broke free from acne and skin infection. I actually thought I will never be able to get a clearer skin after using so many types of acne cream, i never knew i only needed a powerful detox program like the Kingdom Detox program. Now i have a flawless smooth skin.

Masalah Jerawat

I have always heard about detox but never really thought it was going to be a big deal as I wasn't sick anyway. But i decided to give it trial and believe me, i lost 17kg in less than 2weeks. it was amazing. Don't think you won't be needing to detox because a alot will change in your life the moment you detox. But don't just pick any detox plan out there, the kingdom detox Program is the best and only best for me

I have taken so many types of weight loss supplements and tea, some of them really worked but after a week of not taking my medications, I will start growing fat again, no matter how hard I try, i could not keep my results. Well, not until I gave the Kingdom detox program a trial, not only did i loose 12kg in 9days, i also got so many secrets that helped me keep my new shape. Now i don't have to depend on any slim tea or weight loss supplements to remain slim, I am now slim without trying hard

Thank you so much Forever C9, I can't believe i now have the shape of a diva. It wasn't easy with fitness. Going to the gym every morning to build my shape was tedious, especially when i had to spend hours in the gym. I eventually gave up because i couldn't keep up. I find it surreal that with the Kingdom Detox program, i could loose both my weight and achieve the body shape i have always dreamed of and it took just 6 days. Isn't that amzing? Now my bikini fits perfectly with my curves at the right angle

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Fitness is beyond weightloss.

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56% Overall

"Detoxifying is a complete game changer, You will be surprised at how your life will improve amazingly. It's not only about loosing weight, It's mainly about getting your life back. So many things will change, even the things you didn't plan for will improve and you will be so glad you joined this program because the benefits you get is way over the price you will be paying to get it. And do you know why this program stands out? because they will hold your hand, reveal secrets and guide you until you get there, they are honestly not after the money, they are after your result. I highly recommend you take a bold step now!!!"

- Shanny Norris

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my turn around kingdom fit cheat sheet

Each day of the 9 day kingdom fitness, you'll be given a simple program to follow and complete to ensure you reach your desired goal. Whether it's to loose 9LB to 20Lb, revitalise, rejuvenate, boost energy levels, look and feel great like you did in your teens. The challenge cheat sheet acts as your companion from day 1 to 9

Value $97


life time access to the 9-day kingdom fitness challenge training

Achieving and smashing your goals can be very easy if you know the secrets on how it works and we will be revealing it all to you. KINGDOM FITNESS IS Beyond Weight loss, its about healing the Soul, Mind, The Spirit, The Intellect and More. Get Lifetime Access to the lessons learnt! They will last you for a Lifetime!

Value $997



Get results in 15 - 20 minutes you would never get with 2hrs on the treadmill. In a Fast Paced World,  with all that is going on now, everyone is busy, no one wants to spend 2hrs on the thread mill when there are kids to attend to, dead  lines to meet, a lot to do with limited time

These Short Epic Workout Videos will do wonders for you so you shortcut your way to the top. JUST DO IT!

Value $1,500


top weight loss super food check list

Superfoods are superheroes for weight loss. Their fat-burning property is totally unmatched, Ideal for long-term and short-term weight loss. Thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, superfoods can take care of 90% of your health problems. But, here’s a real problem. These foods are NOT labeled as ‘superfoods’ in the supermarket aisle. So To help you identify these key Metabolite Boosters that stand out in weight loss nutrition, you will be getting this to help You way beyond the 9 days Journey!

Value $19.97

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The crush-weight-feel-great kingdom fitness coaching

Value $997

You will be getting a crush-weight-feel-great super coaching live session, and her team of medical experts and health experts walking you through each step of regaining fitness. 

There are lots of fake freaking gurus making false promises! Cut the noise, Learn what truly works from people who have been there, done it, seen results! This Is Worth so much but You Get It Free When You Simply Click the 'JOIN THE PROGRAM' link & Order the Challenge Kit 'C9' From the Aloe Vera Of America

Fitness app

Value $2,997

Once You Place Your order, a link will be sent to you for you to get your unique link to our program on the F.I.T App Customised For The Kingdom fitness challenge program.

The F.I.T app with it's loaded functions will make your journey a complete piece of cake

The 6-figure a month strategy

Value $297

How To Build A $100,000-A-Month Recession-Proof, Network Marketing Business On AUTOMATION Without Chasing Family and Friends, Posting 1000x on facebook, Messaging Random people and all those things that don't work anymore

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Let's Do This!!! You Have Nothing To Loose But a Whole Lot To Gain

With all the free resources provided, you only need 9 days to hit that milestone

Dr Ononuju Ebubechukwu

I Am A Medical doctor Yet for Years I struggled with My Weight Until I discovered the Secret That Took Me From FLAB TO FIT. I Got My Life Back

I Lost About 15KG or 30lb IN 9 DAYS, NO SIDE EFFECTS, EXCEPT OF COURSE FERTILITY Boost. I Became Pregnant thereafter without planning!

In 9 days,  My energy soared, I Could fly up and down the stars again, My confidence restored, I didn't have to keep hiding away from people, avoiding meetings so no one sees me. My Spouse, he couldn't take his hands off me, that's a story for another day

My Picture was on the Bill boards In My City!  It was a talk of the town, People were coming just to see me and confirm It was Real!

Over a 1000 people have used my system successfully since 2014

Why Are We So Sure Of What We Are Offering?

DR ONONUJU Before The 9-Day Challenge

Dr Ononuju Ebubechukwu After Going On the 9-Day Challenge

What Could Be Your goals?

  • Your goal might be to age backwards, Do you know how it feels when people think you're hot even at 50? You still look young even at that age. You must have seen people like that. In some cases, it is genetic but what if it isn't in your gene, then you put it there yourself with this powerful program.
  • Your goal might be to get a clearer skin. Acne is not a curse, you just havn't hit it with the right weapon and you sure have the perfect weapon to clear off that defection
  • Or maybe your goal is to loose weight in the following areas, especially visceral fats, stored in adipose tissues: The abdomen, buttocks, thigh, forearms, waist etc. Do take your weight on the scale in kg before the start of the program and measurement in (cm or inches) of your waist, thighs, forearms and abdomen before and after the program and celebrate your success
  • Or is it your health? you feel weird and strange often times but you just don't know exactly what is wrong with you. Body and mind disorders is now something you're accustomed to but you used to be healthy and strong. Well, you must have accumulated so much toxins and wastes that needs to be ejected, and the earlier you get rid of those toxins, the better for your well being. A more reason why you should take action now!
  • Or wait, maybe your goal is to build wealth, You want to be a work at home mummy. You want to sit in your room and earn thousands of dollars on a daily basis. This is also for you. 

The bottom line is whatever your goal is, if you set your mind on it, it will be achieved. The most important thing is that it just got easier and cheaper, Yes! You won't get this over valued program guaranteed to help you achieve your desired result anywhere. And guess what? you can achieve all this benefit all at the same time. That's why you are quite lucky to find this program, SO TAKE ACTION NOW. see you when you achieve that goal!!!

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

We know this works! The Real Reason we are offering this Challenge with Live Coaching Is to guide you Step-by-Step through the 9 day Program. You will see others just like you achieve results in REAL-TIME! Your success is our success. If You Commit to follow the Simple steps outlined, In 9 days, You will Command attention...everyone will ask you your secret! 

If "KINGDOM DETOX PROGRAM" doesn't show you exactly how to Lose Weight Safely 

If You GO ALL IN, Follow the program as instructed, And you Got NO RESULT,

We offer you a 60-day money back guarantee.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand even though many people are getting incredible results like i did, this is not a 'do nothing-get result' system. You will have to take action and apply the simple, proven steps as oulined in the program to get REAL RESULTS Which will in turn improve your life dramaticaly!

So What Happens After 9days?

The Next Step Depends on Your Goal!

Need To Lose More Weight , You Will Go On to Stage 2 (More details Inside)

If You've reached Your Ideal Weight, You Simply Go On The Health Maintenance Phase. You enjoy delicious meals. You notice once you do it well the first time, you don't struggle to maintain the results achieved!

Whatever Your Decision, We Are here to help you Achieve Your Goal In the 9 Days & Beyond . So What Are You Waiting For?  GO ALL IN!