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The power and effectiveness of the supergreens is unmatched. We always want children to eat plenty of vegetables but have you ever thought of the benefits vegetables has on kids?

Now, unlike only vegetables, the supergreens comprises of over 20 fruits, vegetables, superfoods and aloe, and above all, it is delicious. How better can it get?

Don't get us wrong, with or without the supergreens you're gruaranteed to get results but have you ever imagined going on a battle with a pillow and a warm blanket? Wars are meant to be rough and dreadful so you can only go with guns and weapon. 

Now think of going on a weight loss journey, every one out there will have to do difficult exercies, eat very little and never eat sweat and delicious food but the kingdom fitness nutritional reset program™ is determined to give you the best expereince you won't get anywhere

So even while you are on the battle field, you are entitled to 3 square meal, a warm blanket, Wifi connection and a big plasma television to watch your favourite movies. LOL.

The super energy For Active Performance

It is so frustrating how you feel so motivated to get that result but after some time your energy depreciates. Packed with vitamins and fruits, one of the main benefits of the ARGI+ is the improved energy supply your body gets to take on all challenges and tasks without feeling weak

You may end up asking yourself: I'm supposed to be hungry and weak, how come am I so energised and motivated to take on the world? Well, The Algea is responsible for that. And believe me, you wouldn't want weakness to be the road block to your journey to the promise land!!!

That is exactly why the ARGI+ will be an added advantage for optimum performance. Don't be left behind

and finally, you also get an extra supply of aloe gel

We will also be adding Extra 7(seven) bottles of aloe gel to this one time offer at a ridiculously cheap price. We So much want you to get results that we are willing to give you everything even if it's for free.

The extra bottles of aloe gel is for fast and effective results. For people like us that had so much weight to loose, we were really big, just 2 aloe gel wasn't enough to hit that milestone because we had to flush out every toxin and fat to the last 

You can't just drink any aloe gel you see. There are about 400 species of aloe gel and only 2 are good for the body. You can literally shut down your kidney and liver from taking the wrong aloe. 

Even if we are giving it almost free, we still think you need to flush properly and completely and the extra aloe gel bottles is the perfect solution to that!!!

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