Have You Always Wanted To Put an Imprint on Items But Couldn't?


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I like how this product have helped me organise so many things. Even mu kids no longer fight since they now have markings on their items. I really love this pen, it works as advertised.

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My children always fight over their items. Every morning I have to tell 3 of them which food flask and which cup to use. It gets really messy when the last born wants to get  the one she didn't use the last time.

It really got serious when they fought at school and the techer had to call me. I did everything possible, even buying different seperate colous for them and making sure their various things were very different and obvious but it didn't stop them from fighting

I saw this tool on facebook and my husband bought it. I was expecting it to be fake or not good since most things we buy online don't work as advertised but it works perfectly

I wrote their name on on their items. For school, for church. I was even able to mark their metal food flask. It has solved so many problems because they get excited about their items after seeing their names beautifully written on it. The fight finally stopped

I also used in in marking my keys becasue it gets so stressfull with my big bunch trying to find keys to my different lock

My husband used in for something in his office, it looked like a disk and they were so many of them. He said now he can easily identify them

If you want to be a little more organised with your items I advise you to get this item, it does exactly what it says

Get More Oganised And Collected With The Original Engraving Tool

  • Can engrave on metal, wood, glass and alluminium
  • Very portable and easy to use on all surfaces
  • Does not break or dismantle when using it and can last a long period of time
  • With this tool, you will easily identify and organise items quickly
  • Can also be used to decorate any hard surface
  • Many customers use it to mark and create many memories

Express Yourself And Be More Creative With This Original Engraving Tool


Lawal Bamidele


This thing works well. I have been using it for about 7 months months now but I dont kn''ow how long it will last. Very good buy'

Obi Collins


I was really worried that I may regret purchasing this item but I have tp commend it, its a very handy tool. I ended up writting my name so many random things

Jumai Ishaq


I purchased this item to engrave on plant labels and it worked so well

This engraving pen is worth ₦25,000

But you will be getting it today for only


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