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This is a really great massage cushion! I am full-time pianist and piano teacher, and because I sit too long in front of the piano playing or teaching, I have shoulder pain very often. The cushion massager could be used for upper/lower back or certain spots which is wonderful and very helpful, as it could target the pain area. My shoulders and neck definitely have felt better since I got it. It is so convenient to use and I can even put it in the car when I travel! The heating function gives my back an amazing feeling. I am totally considering to get it again as gift(s) for my musician colleagues!

Jide Harisson ‧ Pianist

This Massager is guaranteed to relief you of any body pain, stress and fatigue or it is free


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You Don't Have To Ignore All The Body Pains, Stress, Fatigue and Over weight


How do you feel after spending hours sitting in your office, workshop or shade? Do you, at times, feel some unusual back pains, hip, shoulders, thighs and neck pains? Perhaps, you feel stressed out..

Unfortunetely, we have gotten used to drugs, supplements and pills to take away stressaches, body pain and fatigue; little do we know how dangerous these types of supplements and pills are


When the body is stressed, the muscle tense up all at once to protect itself from injury and pain then relaxes over time but what happens when we don't relax and unwind? this may trigger other reactions in the body and even promote stress-related disorders. Exactly why you get headaches, low backpain, shoulder pains, joint pain and all of it.

Some people suffer loss of sexual desire, some men wonder why they have quick ejaculation, It's stress and fatigue of course. Mummy gets angry over every little thing, daddy can't focus, Students can concetrate and learn. Then depression and loss of sleep sets in.


But now all that is about to become history

These benefits include a reduction in the occurrence of headaches, improved sleep, improved range of motion, decreased inflammation, alleviation of pregnancy discomfort, improved mood, relief stress and anxiety, relief body and lower back pain etc. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun; and the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on.

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Reduced back and joint pain

The good news is, instead of using toxic and harmful pills to relieve disorders, this cushion will naturally and seemlessly relief those pains

Breaks down accumulated stress

Why ignore stress and fatigue. With this cushion massager, you will easily sit on your desk for hourswithout feeling the inevitable back and shoulder pains and headaches

Boost digestion and blood circulation

The vibration massager relaxes your tensed up muscles which will cause your body to release toxins and waste easily

Improves sleep and makes you rest better

With the help of the massager you will finally stop waking up intermittently. Sleeping like a baby for 6 hours will be easy

John Damilola

Lagos state

I had my doubts before I decided to order it but now that I've been using it for a few days, I can say, without a doubt, this is truly a great product! I haven't gotten a massage this good from a professional masseuse. Within the first 5 minutes of using it, I felt like a new man! I had it shipped to my office (because I didn't want it to be left outside of my house while I was at work) and about 15 of my co-workers tried it out and loved it. In fact, 3 of them ordered one for themselves right after using mine! We may also be getting one to keep at work!

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This is amust buy. For the very first time i didn't regret buying online stuffs

Jenny Abiola /Ogun state

I was thinking this was inferior because it was way cheapee than pthers, but the quality is just superb

Jude Chibueke / Enugu state

it was a great buy for my mum. for over 2 weeks now she hasn't complained about her back pain

Madu Maraba / Kaduna state

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