Do You Import Problem-Solving Products But Find It Difficult To Sell Off Sharp-Sharp And Restock Again?

Don't You Think It's Time For Customers To Start Begging You To Buy Your Product?

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About Me

I understand how it feels to import goods but on arrival you start finding it hard to sell

I used to focus on how to import goods from china, turkey, india etc but after my goods land, i stock them in my room for weeks and months, unable to sell off

It became so bad when i started to beg customers to buy

  •  I go on whatsapp status and post all my goods
  •  I try so hard to grow my instagram followers so I sell
  • I upload on facebook hoping someone buys from me
  • I even use jumia and jiji but all cutomers do is stress me with price and details only to tell me "I wil get back to you"

Until i started focusing on how to sell and not just import, And now i have mastered the act of selling. I no longer panic when a customer misbehaves

I can't remember when last i persuaded a customer to buy from me but i sleep everyday and sell in bulk!!!

I imported my last goods and in less than 2 weeks i sold it all out and went back to restock

I Don't Sell Everyday But let Me Show You How Many Orders I Have Gotten From Problem-Solving-Products I Sold From January Till July

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Insert Image

Now. What If I Decide To Sell Everyday?


Take Note

This is for a problem solving product. I am not talking of bags, shoes or perfumes. And we deal with only bulk importers not small importers because we want to be able to maximise your profit on the long run and avoid "I am out of stock" when orders start flowing. Your products must be of good quality or we can't help you sell

Dear Importers And Business Owners

Why Stock Goods In Your Shop Or Store And Let Customers Do "Shakara" For You?

The world has changed but we are stuck with doing things the wrong way. You still think people will rush your goods if you can't position yourself on the internet and make people see why your product is what can really help them?

Look at this page for example and answer this questions

  • Do you feel like you really wants this offer?
  • Does this partain to you and you really want to get this offer and change your business forever?
  • Did I go through any stress or try hard to make you purchase this offer even if you want to get the offer now?
  • Am I in my shop waiting for you to come get my offer or my offer just popped up on your screen?

Did I beg you to take my offer? No, I let you decide if you want to keep begging customers to buy from you or you think it's time to change your business

Corona virus changed the world, now people will rather sit at home and place order online while you just relax and let facebook and google hawk your goods on the street for you! just like they hawked my offer until it got to your phone screen, lol

But How Do You Achieve This? How Do You Sell Online. Not Just Sell Without Making Sales Like Many Amateur Marketters Do Today With Little Or No Experience

I Mean, To Sell On The Internet And Get Orders Like This

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Insert Image

You Can Achieve That Milestone With The "CRUSH THE MARKET WITH SALES CHALLENGE"

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Let Me Show you what will start happening to your business after you join the challenge for free

  • Benefit 1. You start selling on the internet
    Anyone in the world can buy from you.
  • Benefit 2. Benefit 2 You stop waiting for customers to come and buy before you can sell
    You can't sell in bulk if only few people know your products can help
  • Benefit 3. You don't need to come to shop or warehouse everytime because facebook and instagram will carry your goods to customers
    You can sit at home and waybill customers goods
  • Benefit 4. You will start selling to strangers and not people that want to collect for credit
    Strangers and people you don't will help your business grow
  • Benefit 5. You will stop begging customers to buy since you no receive so many calls, chatss and orders
    With the internet, 10,000 people will see your product daily, you no longer need to beg
  • Benefit 6. You will start getting quality customers that want to buy
    You will finally get rid of customers coming to say only "How much" and "I will get back to you"

This Is Not a Time To Wonder If This is For You. This is a time to Take A Bold Step In Changing And Upgrading Your Business For Good And It Is Completely Free

But You have Limited Time To Join Now. It Will No Longer Be Free Once This Timer Hits Zero


You Also Get Free Bonuses I won't Be Revealling Now For Free

Your Host

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  • Facebook And Google ads Expert
  • Graduate


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