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Are You Tired Of Always Scraping Food Off Your Pan after Use?


You will be amazed at how your pan fries food like it's surface is margical

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Watch the video to see the awesomeness of the copper ceramic square pan

Anna Madu

Delta State

I Love this pan, I have bought several pot and pan sets over the years, not cheap ones either. But this is the BEST pan ever. If I didn't have so many pots and pans currently I would invest in an entire set of these. They do NOT stick what so ever, simple slides out of the pan. I think I will pick up a piece every now and then till I have a full set. Can't go wrong with these!

our Pick

You never have to worry about food sticking to the surface, making cleaning so difficult and stressful

The square surface is over 25% wider than traditional fry pans, making it easy to prepare large amount of meal for your family at once

No need to stock your kitchenwith different types of pans. The square copper pan is multi fuctional

How Annoying Can Traditional Pans Be?

You fry your meal and now fetching it out involves scratching food off the pan? Very stressful! How nice is it to fry your "dodo" in 5 set when you can fry it all at once. Trying to cook for the family can be difficult but have you ever tried using a pan that can fry all 5 plantains at the same time?

Tell me, Why do you have to cook and still try to transfer the chicken from your pan to a plate, oh, your tradition pan can't keep your food warm, With it's sticky surface causing you to use a gallon of oil when less than half that gallon can fry everything

You know why you think cooking is stressful and it's a long process? Because you haven't tried the copper chef 5-in-1 pan set, "The pan set that brings out the chef in you".

Now frying, cooking and boiling becomes a piece of cake, you won't go through the stress of frying over and over and over because now the pan is wide enough to take it all at once. Do you want cooking to be fast and easy? if your answer was yes then i think you need to try the Copper Chef’s 5-Piece Deep 9.5″ Square Pan Set

Copper Chef’s 5-Piece Deep 9.5″ Square Pan Set delivers all-around cooking versatility by serving as a convenient roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer, stockpot, wok, and baking dish. Considering its deep 5-inch pan bottom, this piece is exceptional for frying small and medium-sized batches of your favorite foods to perfection without having to buy any other specialized equipment.

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The Revolutionary 5-in-1 Square Frying Pan

  • New Cerami-Tech Non-Stickfit
    You can cook without butter or oil without having to spend valuable clean-up time scraping stuck-on food off of your cookware
  • Durable Continues Use.
    The durable ceramic exterior features a stainless-steel induction plate that conducts heat fast without any hotspots and retains heat longer
  • Cooking and frying made easy
    This pan comes with a clear tempered glass lid, which allows you to visibly monitor cooking progress without letting heat and moisture escape and ruining your whole cooking process.
  • No hot spot
    There is a stainless-steel induction plate layered inside the other parts of the pan, which means no hot spots
  • Larger Cooking Space
    The unique square design gives up to 25% more room to cook vs. ordinary round pans.

major components of the set

fry basket

The Copper Chef Fry Basket is specially designed to help you get the delicious crispiness of frying without the grease

steamer and roast rack

Steam and Roast easily with the Copper Chef Steamer and Roast Rack.

tempered glass lead

The Tempered Glass Lid is oven safe up to 500°. From Oven to Table in a breeze


Join Culinary Expert and Chef Eric Theiss while he takes you on a culinary adventure right in your own kitchen

a must have ware

The square pan has a strong copper-infused ceramic double coating that creates a non-stick and scratch-resistant cooking surface. Your food won't stick and cause scratching to the ceramic coating. When seasoned per package directions, your food will slide right out of the pan. No scrapping, no scratching needed. Little to no oil, butter, or grease is needed while cooking, allowing you to cook healthier home cooked meals. The ceramic nonstick coating is bonded to aluminum so it distributes heat. Your food will cook evenly and more efficiently, avoiding hot spots. 

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The quality of the Copper Chef’s 5-Piece Deep 9.5″ Square Pan Set has been Tested and trusted


30 days money back guarantee. Guaranteed to make cooking fast and easy


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5 layer construction

  • Double Top Layer- Polished ceramic coating
  • Base Layer- non-stick ceramic coating
  • Aluminum Core- Provides excellent thermal conductivity and heat distribution
  • Outside Layer- High temp exterior coating
  • Induction Base- Stainless Steel induction base heats up faster and retains heat longer.

Why people Choose the copper chef pan


  • Standard Copper Chef durability
  • Not expensive for it's quality
  • Deep enough to deep fry
  • Glass lid for checking cooking progress
  • Retains heat to keep food hot until served
  • Heat evenly and quickly for optimum cooking speed


  • Takes up more room on stove top
  • Larger pan for large family
  • Some may not prefer the square shape
  • Not for un serious buyers


Anyone looking for all the utility of a deep fryer without the hassle of having a dedicated fryer will love this pan. The depth allows for enough oil to make your family’s favorite fried chicken without losing its function as a regular frying pan as well.


Prosper Oluchukwu // Delta State

Bought for my loving wife .... she LOVES it! Cooks without any grease, oil .... food taste so much better cooked in this .... we always cook at medium heat, never high ..... no problem at all with it .... I'm getting some more Copper Chef for my wife as she is so satisfied with these cookware .... plus, I get very nice, delicious dinners from her ....... really nice cookware ....

Paula Osemu // Edo State

I've used the pan 5 times now. I've seen some of the post that food sticks to itl. It really heats up fast. I also read where you are not to use extra virgin olive oil on it. So maybe that could be what happened to the others. Not sure. But I love mine. I've had no sticking, no popping. I just have to remember to keep the heat lower. And I have a glass stove top.

Caroline Chukwudi // Enugu State

Love love love!!!! 😍😍😍the cooking end is incredible. Seems like it'd be hard to make anything stick to it. Barely have to wash it, could probably just rinse it. Dishwasher safe, but it's so easy to wash there's no need to send it through the dishwasher. Oven safe. Great for pan searing steaks and finishing in the oven.

Latifat Yusuf  //Abuja State

We bought ours on March 3rd of this year. It has quickly become our favorite "go to" pan for most small frying jobs. We have 3 "cooks" in our house and we all have used the pan extensively. Usually we put a very small amount of butter or vegetable oil in the pan. Never had anything stick or burn. You can make 4 regular sized slices of french toast in this, if you want an idea on the actual size. Super easy to clean up, too.

Jasmine Ahmed // Kano State

Great product. Really non stick and easy to use. Not heavy considering it is ceramic, makes cleaning a lot easier.

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