Your Car Will Continue To Lose It's Quality And Beauty If You Ignore Simple Maintenance

It's Time To Give Your Car The Attention It Needs To Make It More Attractive, Presentable And Desireable

This Multi-Functional Foam Cleaner Is Not Just For Your Car Alone. You are literally getting a multi pupose cleaner for different purposes

Watch the short video below to see what I mean

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Apart From The Fact That This Product Is Multi-Functional, You Will Also Get A Massive Bonus. Go Through This Page To The En To See Your Massive Benefits

We often times don't see the need to clean our cars properly. I am a victim of that. All I do is take my car to the car wash and have them clean the body, I have some valuables in my car so sometimes I simply tell the boys to clean only the exterior

Even when they clean the interior, it is not well done so I Do a careless job with my hand towel. It hit me the most when I went to pick up my mother for an occasion. As usual, I cleaned the interior of my car that day with my towel.

"Don't you clean inside your car?" with a disgusted look. That was the first thing she said when she sat inside. I even cleaned the car that very morning, just that my cleaner don't do justice even when I scrub

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I promised my self to find a way to clean this thing the next morning. I used to see a foam cleaner on facebook. So that night on my bed I saw it again, I placed order and wanted to try it out.

I have been using it for over 2 weeks now. The last time my mum sat in my car, she complimented me. I didn't even notice all of this if she didn't say it

I can say so far, this product is the perfect solution to my type of person. I simply spray it, come back later to wipe of the foam and it does an amazing job. I would have purchased it earlier if i knew it was this effective

You get a free gift

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If you don't always like opening your car for car wash or you need a way to clean your interior without getting wet or doing any work then this foam cleaner is perfect for you


Perfectly Cleam Your car and other properties With So Much Easy and Effectiveness

You get a free gift

This Is What Will Start Happening After You Get The Amazimg Foam Cleaner and It's Massive Bonuses

  • Cleaning your car interior will be easy, very effective and fast
  • You will no longer need to open the car whenever you go to the car wash
  • You no longer need to use water that would wet the whole place. You can now get the perfect result without getting wet
  • Your car headlamp, tires and even the body only needs a small touch and wipe without getting wet
  • It is multi purpose, so you are getting a product that can also be used in the kitchen to clean 
  • The back of pots, sinks and stained stainless no longer needs thorough scrubbing to get that perfect look. Simply spray the foam and clean off
  • You will be able to give your car a perfect cleaning effect antime, even when you are stuck in traffic
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You get a free gift

See What Others That are Using The Foam Cleaner Are Saying

Susan Dawson


I have been using this for over 3 weeks now, I must say, it was worth it. I didn't see it's importance until i got it

John Collins


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Jenny Roberts


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You get a free gift

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How does it look after you clean your car and there are scratches here and there on the body. In big crowded cities like lagos where traffic is normal. It is almost impossible to not have scatches on your car

However, we have not been able to get rid of those ugly scratches

I want to tell you now that you don't need to worry about any of that anymore. You will be receiving the scatch remover for free!. 

Yes, those that place order today will receive a product that will effectively remove those tainting and ugly scratches from the surface of your car, and you will be getting it for free

You get a free gift

WITH THIS PACK, YOUR CAR'S LOOK WILL TREMENDOULSLY IMPROVE. You Won't Need To Worry About How To Get Your Car Sparkling Clean

Hurry Now And Place Order, The Price For This Pack Is No Longer ₦30,000

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