Why Suffer And Worry About Over-Weight And Poor Health Challenges?

It's Not Working Because You Are Not Addressing The Root Problem.


You Are Guaranteed To Get Rid of stubborn belly fat, over weight, skin problems and poor health challenges in 10 days Or we Refund Your Money

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Once this timer hits zero, entry into the challenge closes. We want to be able to focus on the few serious ones and give them massive results

What Could Be Your Goals For This Coming New year?

  • You want to blast that stubborn belly fat and get a flat stomach without spending hours in the gym.
  • Or perhaps your weight is much, you really want to lose weight but haven't found the effective and lasting solution.
  • Or you have a health problem that has been hurting you for weeks, months or years but hospital is placing you expensive recurring medical bills that is not ending.
  • Or you have been spending lots of money on skin care, these skin problems just keeps coming back, you still can not get a lasting solution.



Go Through This Page To The End To See How You Are Guaranteed To Get Results If You Let Me Help You

Of course, we have seen so many people promising you results but eventually disappoint you. It becomes more painful when you paid so much but nothing happened

So many people now sell all sorts of fitness cream, pills and tools out there just to make money. No one wants to hit the gym and suffer but that shouldn't make you endanger your health further

Even now that we are not getting any younger and our health deteriorates. Over weight is dangerous because when the colons(intestines) gets cloged with toxins, the body can no longer extract nutrients from food we eat

Ths is me before i decided to stop spending so much money on health and fitness

This is me after making up my mind to change over-weight, lower back pain, waist pain, belly fat, heart burn, low energy and inpending diabetes

Have you been trying to lose weight but nothing is working? The Truth is, If You don't get rid of the root cause, you will spend 24 hours in the gym and nothing will still happen

Instead of nutrients, the body starts extracting only sugar. This starts resulting to belly fat, over-weight, joint and back pain, arthritis, heart burn, diabetes, high sugar level, HBP, ulcer, heart & kidney & liver failure.

You may not have some of these problems now but they will come up sooner or later and if you don't get your health back and CARVE OUT A NEW YOU as soon as possible, you may not like what will come next

The carve out a new you challenge is nothing like the promise and fail you see out there, it is tested and trusted and you are not only guaranteed to lose weight, you will also get your health back. I am a living proof

My words are not enough to convince you right? ok, take a look at people that have joined the challenge and have given me a chance to help them.


I was so happy I could help people get results, so me and my team launched the CARVE OUT A NEW YOU CHALLENGE and we just want very few who are willing and ready to LOSE STUBBORN WEIGHT, BLAST BELLY FAT AND GET THEIR HEALTH BACK and all i want is that you get results and become healthier, better looking and fitter!!!

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But First Let Me Show You What Will Start Happening To You After you Take The Powerful CARVE OUT A NEW CHALLENGE

YOU will LOSE STUBBORN WEIGHT in just 10 days

The body will not respond to intense gym and dieting no matter how hard you go

But when you hit the root cause of these weight problems, you lose weight even without trying hard

If you don't have weight to lose, you won't lose weight

You will blast stubborn belly fat

The picture above is me, Dr Ononuju and I am a living proof that you can blast that belly fat that keeps embarrasing you in just 10 days

This is not a joke, Your result is guaranteed

you will Undergo a full body reset that cleanses your gut

The gut is the power house of your health

you suffer major health problems because you have a dirty and conjested colon.

You will undergo a full body reset that will cleanse your guts and grant you immununity against major sicknesses and diseases

you will reverse major health problems that is taking your money and happiness

The doctor won't tell you that the food you eating is what is causing you bad health

or why will someone be suffering from diabetes and the nurses will still serve you fruit juice and bread(high sugar) on your hospital bed?

They want to keep you sick so that you can keep coming back and they can keep making money

This challenge is going to reverse and correct major health problems forever diabetes, arthritis, toxic colon, HBP, joint/back pain, heart problem, indigestion, hormonal imbalance

You will reverse and cleanse skin tags and major stubborm skin problems

People continues to invest and spend money on skin care products, what they dont know is that Most skin problems have to be treated from inside. If you dont reset the gut, it will keep ejecting toxins in the skin so you keep applying creams not knowing that the problem is inside your body

This program is designed to hit the root cause of these skin problems, not just the surface

And bring back that flawless skin you once enjoyed

premium 10 days coaching to guaranty and maximise your results

You get a 1-1 personalized coaching from medical doctors and a team of experts in UK, USA and Nigeria

Once you come on board, you get assigned to a team that will provide the help you need and deserve. Your health is of utmost importance and top priority

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You Will Be Amazed At How Fast And Easy It Will Take You To Blast Belly Fat, Lose Stubborn Weight And Get Your Health Back Guaranteed

All You Need To Do Is Give Us The Chance To Help You Get Rid Of It. This Is Not A Joke, You Are Guaranteed To Get Results, No Stories


And even with all that value, you will be getting a step by step coaching from me (worth priceless)

So Tell me, Do You Think Your life Will Change Or Not?

  • Do you think you can get rid of that stubborn weight and get your life back?
  • Do you think you will blast that belly fat while you watch as your tummy gets flat and shaped?
  • Do you think that HBP, arthritis, Diabeties, Ulcer, Low energy, low back pain and whatever you think might be a problem will still remain on day 5 of the challenge?
  • Do you think you can regain your youthful and elegant shape again?
  • What of that skin problem that will go and come back after you spend a fortune on skin problems. So you think you can get that flawless and clear skin back?


There is only one we to find out, to join me in this 10 days challenge and follow my instructions and your testimoney will be the next talk of town

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But Remember The Ultimate Goal is To Carve Out A New You In The Shortest Time Possible

Learn About Different Packages and Complete Your Order

These are the various packages you need to pick from. This will help you understand what each package entails and how it will help you get the perfect result you desire.

Basic Pack

  • Loose within 5kg - 10kg
  • Reverse skin tags and stubborn skin problems from the root cause
  • Don't want to lose weight but want to blast stubborn belly fat
  • Has no Diabetes, BP, cholesterol
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the colon (stomach and intestines)
  • See results within 10 days

Royal Pack

  • Loose 7kg-15kg
  • Reverse skin tags and stubborn skin problems from the root cause
  • Don't want to lose weight but want to blast stubborn belly fat
  • Reverse and cure high blood pressure
  • To prevent heart attack and stroke
  • Has no diabetes
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the colon (stomach and intestines)
  • Boost fertility
  • See results within 10 - 30 days

Advanced Pack

  • Want to loose over 10kg - 15kg
  • Has HBP, high blood sugar, diabetes, high cholesterol, ulcer
  • You don't want to loose weight but has diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, UTI
  • Wants to reverse and cure diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, ulcer
  • Has family history of and wants to prevent diabetes, HBP, high cholesterol, heart attack from ever happening in the first place
  • For those that don't want to lose weight but want to blast/lose belly fat, stomach fat and stubborn belly fat
  • For those that dont neccessarily need to lose weight but want to treat diseases entities
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the colon (stomach and intestines)
  • Reverse skin tags and stubborn skin problems from the root cause

Be Careful Not To Miss Out, You Deserve The best!!! You will receive some packs that will be used through your jouney

Basic Pack: ₦94,500


Royal Pack: ₦149,000


Advanced Pack: ₦226,000

Best selling

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, the POWER PACK package did not do any of the promised results , you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

How long will this take?

It is a 10 days program. So you will be done in 10days

Will I eat during this 10 days

It depends on the package you want and your desired results.

How will I be coached?

After you complete your order, you will get added to a closed whatsapp premium group where you receive your coaching from experts

Are these benefits guaranreed?

There is no way you won't get your desired results if you follow instructions and take the plan serious. Results is always guaranteed. If you dont get results, you will get a full or partial refund within 14 days but that is only when you followed the plan and did not get result. We take note of everything so you cant mess with my team

What happens after I place order?

My team contacts you and begin delivery. You will receive a full package depending on the package you selected

Is there a commitment fee?

Yes, you are receiving your package on pay on delivery but you will be required to make a commitment fee of 3,000 naira, this fee helps us weed out unserious customers

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