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Have You Always Wanted To Loose Weight on any area of your body, get fit and Hot Without Doing Hard Work?

Now You Can Build Muscles, Tone Your Skin, Get Fit and Ripped And Still Loose Tones Of Weight Without Trying Hard Like Others

It is Very Easy! Just Stand While The Power Fit Does all The Work

Power Fit Elite is guaranteed to make you cancel all your gym classes and build that dream body easily or it is free!!!

John Damilola

Lagos state

This foot machine made me cancel all my gym classes. It is so effective. The fact that i just stood on the machine and lost 25kg in 12 days really amazed me. My tape rule around my stomach reduces by 5cm everyday and i never spend more than 10mins daily yet i got amazing results. I highly recommend this fitness tool if you don't have time to tone your body, it works perfectly.

The Era Of Doing Hard Work Has Finally Come To An End, Now lets Build That Dream Body By Just Standing And Doing Absolutely Nothing

You will agree that you have always been trying to lose weight the hard way. You try to meet up with gym classes that gets you worked up and tired. You just want to tone up and look hot but the method you have been using are too hard, abeg!

This machine is confrimed to be the real deal. Is this not what you have been looking for? To just stand and do nothing but still tone your body and burn tonnes of weight on that simple position?


Slims Saggy Arms in a Go

Overall Rating: 4/5

Burns Belly Fat With Effective Vibration and Requires no Work From You

Overall Rating: 4/5

Tones Your abs, thighs, hips, chest, arms and butt like a chisel

Overall Rating: 5/5

Watch the power fit in action

You Get It Right? You Are Literally Just Standing Doing Nothing While The Power Fit Works You Out. ZER0 STRESS, MASSIVE GAIN

The Vibration creates Instability and Stimulates Reflexes in the body and Responds by Increasing Muscle Contractions . 

Just Ten Minutes Per Day on the Fitness Vibration Machine being Equivalent to an Hour at the Gym by Engaging 95% of your Muscles Fibres ,as Opposed to 30% during Normal Workout.

You Think That's All You Get? Check out real health benefits you also get. Guaranteed!!!

Just as the power fit has helped over 5,000 people build the body they desire, it also provided amazing health benefits

Reduce Back Pain, neck pain, lower back pain, joints pain, shoulder pain and hips pain

Increase Metabolism to Accelerate the Breakdown of Fat.

Strengthen Muscles ,Improve Balance and Flexibility

Improve Blood Circulation all round the body

Stimulating Production of Helpful Hormones.

Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite

Research has proven that Our Bones and Muscles to rapid Vibrations makes them Stronger -Much the Same way Exercise does.

The Idea Is Simple : Standing on a Vibration Plate forces Our muscles to do Work . This low-grade Stress Ultimately leads to Strength gains, Blood Circulation and fat trimming . Some Studies have it that Whole Body Vibration Plate Can reduce Blood pressure or Combat diabetes.

The power fit lite will normally cost ₦140,000

But you will be getting it for only ₦110,000

This price will goes back to the normal once this timer hits zero


Free + Pay on delivery nationwide


I have been looking for power fit tool. Glad i found it 2 weeks ago. Don't think too much, this foot vibrating machine is btter. highlt recommend

Anna Olamide ogun

I bought this one because i cannot go to gym due to the pandemic. Build quality is good. It is sturdy and it can stay in place because if the rubbet underneath it. Vibration is well enough according to my needs and it really works well.  For me, it is effective and a good product for exercise from home.

Ella Chibuike - Enugu

Wow I am totally surprised, what a great purchase. I have been searching for so long and after going through the reviews I thought to give it a try. The vibration is powerful and so quiet. It vibrates all the way to my head. From my chest down, I get a good shake which is what I wanted. Doing Squats send the vibration mainly to the thighs. I love this machine

Shaka Malik - Kaduna

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