Do you love alcohol but don't like The Harmful Toxins That Comes With It?

Now You Can Effectively Cleanse And Detoxify Your Body System Of Sugar And Other Harmful Substances Without Quitting Alcohol

guaranteed to remove every sugar, intoxicated belly fat and accumulated toxins in the body

Let Me Show You How

John damilola


My doctor advised me to quit alcohol because it affected my libido and increased my sugar level. I tried but couldn't stop until I saw this organic detox tea. It helps me flush out impurities after my night out with few bottles. Now my sugar level can be maintained even if I don't quit drinking

My friend always visits the gym because he was trying to burn belly fat but even after so many years, his belly was not reducing, he had big muscles with pot belly. I asked him if he drinks and he said yes, a lot.

I asked him "after drinking do you flush out your system?" he said which one is flush again. I had to educate him that alcohol leaves so much toxins in the body that prevents the normal digestive process of food

it also weakens organs that helps in the detoxifying process. So after you drink, everything remains in your stomach, both excess sugar and accumulated toxins, that is why your stomach will never reduce, no matter the weight you carry

So I told him about the organic detox tea and gifted him a pack. He called me few weeks later to ask for more. He noticed real changes in a short time. I charged him extra for it

He told me how he has been looking for a nice original tea like this that will help him balance his alcohol intake. I was glad I could help

If you truly want results without trying hard or quitting then you need the original detox tea made from Dandelion leaf and roots, burdock root, milk thistle seeds, nettle leaf and ginger

Let Me Show You Some Of The Benefits You Start To Enjoy

  • Improved kidney and liver functioning
  • Liver/kidney cleanse and detox
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Bone protection
  • Reduced blood sugar levels
  • High nutrition and anti oxidants
  • 100% natural and caffeine free
  • Perfect and tasty tea to improve the hangover feeling

Removes toxins accumulated from long time intake of medications (paracetamol etc)


Cleanses the body of alcoholic residual and damaging after effect


Cleanses the body of explicit drugs usage


Regenerate and protects the liver and kidney from damage


Taking alcohol and other Subtance is Nice, But Not Investing in Cleansing and Detoxing Your Body Can Be Devastating

Long term use of paracetamol and simple medications will cause damage to your liver and kidney, the detox tea helps not just to cleanse out alcohol, but will also remove toxins accumulated from long dosage of drugs

Our main ingredient in the tea is milk thistle. Milk thistle is the only herb that is known to regenerate the liver, help the liver grow new cells. It also help repair the damage that's already been caused by any substance taken

Alcohol or drugs, it protects your liver from further damage caused by hepatitis B

Dandelion leaf and roots, burdock root, milk thistle seeds, nettle leaf and ginger are major ingredients present in this highly effective tea

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I got this last 3 weeks and I can say it really was worth the purchase. I can feel the different in my system already. I highly recommend


Great tea. I love the taste

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