Have you been trying to show your ads to the right customers but end up wasting funds on the unserious ones?

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It started with just curiosity, then it transcended to a purpose. How he started running sponsored advertisement that pushed his business from 30,000 naira a month to 10 million naira in less than 4weeks

What will happen if you have two sales girls. You gave both of them two crates of bottle water to sell off in 30 minutes. One of them runs to a nearby site where bricklayers are molding blocks under the hot sun and then runs to a gym at the corner to assist people that just finished working

Your other sales girl ran to a bank to sell to people coming out of the bank, where people are already hydrated from the cold busy heavy duty ACs. After begging people to buy, she was forced to leave with the few sales she managed to pull

After standing under the sun, shouting and waiting, she left with just a handful of sales while the other girl went to a location where people were rushing and begging to buy her cold bottle water. This is how many of us run ads. We use horrible strategies and show our ads to the wrong audience then get frustrated after spending 100k with no purchase

Who do you think will sell off and beat time between the two girls?

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