Are You Not Tired Of Running Ads, Buying Courses But Not Getting Orders And Conversion Even After Everything?

Now, I Will Take That Product/Offer That Is Not Selling And Cause It To Rain Sales In Just Few Days

This Is Not A Course or Class, I Don't Want To Teach Anyone. I want To Take The responsibility To Help Just 10 Serious Persons Get Massive Results With Their Ads And Sales Funnel For An Affordable Price

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Before I Continue, Let Me Show You Why You Are Guaranteed To Get The Desired REsults If I Touch That Sales System That Is Not Working

Those are My Daily Oders On My Ads Account. I will Be Showing You My Own Results Without Hiding Anything. Lets Go

Watch This Video Below, let me show you how I can help you make 10 million naira worth of sales in 1-2 months

Many of us have built sales systems or have ran ads for so long. We keep spending money on bad ads and buying various courses to probably find out what you're doing wrong.

Even with all these, you still can't get the results you desire

You are thinking it's all fake when people say they made 10 million in 1 months selling one product. Since it's not working for you then it's probably not working for anyone

Now, I want to help just very few people get this result they want. I want to help just 10 persons change the situation of getting sales online.

This is not a course or a class. This is me doing operation on that sales system or that product that is not selling well and causing it to rain massive sales

I can simply turn this to a course but after I recently helped my friend get masive sales, even after he buys new courses almost every week, I realized that other people still need this help in unlocking sales.

You may ask me, what was he doing wrong. Anyone can give you an answer but when I looked at his sales system, I didn't even try to amend or repair it, I just told him to credit me and send me his wordpress login details.

I settled down and crafted one of the best performing sales system that guarantees sales. But we need to understand that a sales sytem comprises of various branches, so what was he doing wrong?

  • From your ads. We make it so complicated with multiple adset in multiple ads. we pump in so much money that causes the bots to not work properly and we can't even use our targetting and other audience data properly
  • Our sales pages looks like a blog site. Some people just build sales pages then list and explain it's uses like we are answering final year exam. Imagine that young man in Aba market, seriously trying to convert a customer. That is what your sales page shoud be doing to every customer that lands on it.
  • The sales copy is poor or absent. Yes, a powerful sales copy is one that speaks to and hits the pain point of your customers. The customer eventually feels like, "wow! I really need this, I would miss out if I don't get it now"
  • Some offer are good but not well structured. I didn't just reset his sales funnel, I also restructured his offer. It became so irresistible that anyone that sees it will feel cheated for not purchasing it
  • And then his sales system. Sometimes, we are our own problem. Some people build sales funnels that makes it so difficult for customers to even complete a sale. The numerous options customer have to pick from, stressfull sales process, unclear benefit and so on
  • His ad account constantly got restricted. It was like "FB was after his life". You want to make sales but FB won't even allow you run ads successfully for 5 days without restriction.

So many internet marketters experience this: they keep on buying new courses, attending classes and seminars etc to hopefully solve the problem.

Some study different courses with different perspective and get more confused than before, all to no avail. 

So this is me coming to you to tell you


"INSTEAD OF DOING ALL THESE, GIVE ME FEW DAYS TO WORK ON YOUR PRODUCT/OFFER AND CAUSE IT RAIN SALES while you pay for the job and cashout on your orders, of course, it's not free

And for me to be able to give my all, this has to be a limited offer. Immediately after I get 10 serious persons, I shut down entry!

Main Benefits

Let Me Show You What You Will Be Getting

Benefit 1

I will run highly performing ads, guaranteed to reach the right audience

Benefit 2

I will revamp poorly built sales pages and turn it to a sales system that utterly causes customers to click the "buy now" button

Benefit 3

For those that still waste money and time sending people to their DM, I will build a sales system that will make you to get sales even while you're sleeping. You will stop seeing " I will get back to you" and "how much?"

Benefit 4

You are guaranteed to make massive sales and see with your eyes that it's true people can make upto 10 million in 1 month selling just one product

Benefit 5

You will no longer waste money on ads. Every penny must count

Benefit 6

After your ads starts converting, I will still hep you to optimize to bring in 10x sales

Grab This Oppurtunity Now To Get The Sales You Desire And Stop Complaining. 

You will start getting massive sales like this

Below Is A Video Showing My Orders For a Day And It's Just To 12pm, I already have 30 orders, The Day is Not Even Over Yet

But That Is Not Everything You Will Be Getting. The Few Lucky Ones That Gets In On Time Will Be Getting Some Powerful Bonuses

These Massive Benefits Below Are Completely Free

  • I will write sales copies for you that is guaranteed to produce 80%  conversion rate
  • I will write ads copies for you that speaks directly to their pain points
  • I will write sales script for your ads creatives
  • You are guaranteed to make massive sales and see with your eyes that it's true people can make upto 10 million in 1 month selling just one product

In as much as I want to help as many marketters and businesses as possible. I am human so I will take this 10 persons to a hot room and attend to them one after the order.

Yes, I am serious, I only want 10 persons because I don't want a situaton were I get so occupied and then find it difficult to give everyone the result they desire

Even at that, I only need some specific kind of business owners. This is not for everyone. If you fall into this category below then you need to take your spot now before it's too late

  • Your product must be bulk. When orders start pouring in, I won't like it if you tell me you're out of stock in just 5 days. Preferrable 1,000pieces. 500 is the lowest with restocking
  • Your producct is solving a problem for people. I really need to get this right. When it is solving a problem, crafting a sales angle to get customers to click "Buy Now" will be very achievable. Like health, finess, household, kitchen, beauty and others
  • You must have a website, preferable wordpress. 
  • You should have at least, little knowledge about the basic of your website like where to see orders and contact your customers. I can't handle a complete novice, I won't have the time to start teaching you those minor things
  • You should, at least, know simple basic things on your laptop like how to even open a browser

Will You Get This Offer Now or You Want To Keep Suffering, Buying Numerous Courses/Classes And Wasting Resources To Make Sales? The Choice Is Yours 

But For The Few Lucky Ones That Made It In, Congratulations. Entry Close After 10 person register to change their business

3 persons left

How To Get In

I am tired of unserious people coming in to just peek, ask irrelevant questions, waste my limited time and leave. So now, to filter the unserious ones from wasting my time, you have to pay ₦1,000 before we can talk about your business change

Of course, ₦1,000 is nothing but unserious people will not be willing to make that payment  

Click The Button Below to Make Payments securely Online With Your Card Or Do a Bank Transfer To The Account Details Below

Ikhine Osagie


Gt Bank

Then Contact Me On 09069668330 With Proof Of Payment

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Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

How do I get you to help me make massive sales?

Pay ₦1,000 to the account below to reach me (0211571710 ikhine osagie GT bank). This fee is to filter unserious people from gaining access

Is it free?

No, my service is not for free. I need to know about your business, if you already have anything on ground and how I can help you specifically. Then I tell you what it will cost to give you your desired results

What do I need To get Started

You need to have a product(bulk) or offer ready.

You need to understand how to do basic things on your laptop because I won't have the time to teach you how to open your browser

How long will your service last?

As soon as your product starts selling massively, my service comes to an end. Exactly why you must have a simple knowledge

What if I want to employ you to remotely work on my business long term?

I don't like the word employ but It depends on how good your offer is